Youth and the Tasks Ahead by 

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12. Youth and the  Tasks Ahead 

                                                       – Dr. Karan Singh 

Some important Question & Answers

Q. Answer the following Questions  – 

 Q.1. Which  task is more onerous ?

Ans.  The maintenance and strengthening of freedom is a more onerous task.

Q.2. Why should the youths form the vanguard in all activities? 

Ans.  The  youths should form the vanguard in all activities for they  have the capacity to resist aggression and at  this critical juncture its power must be mobilized. 

Q.3. Name the twin  ideals on which our great nation is founded.

Ans. Secularism  and democracy  are the  twin ideals on which our great nation is founded. 

Q.4. How can corruption be eradicated?

Ans.  The urge for national unity and progress can eradicate corruption. 

Q.5. How can  the youths resist aggression ?

Ans.  The youth can resist aggression by strengthening our integrity. 

Q.6. Why should  the youths be properly canalized ?

Ans.  The youth should be properly canalized because they constitute an immense reservoir of strength.

Q.7. Why is it essential for the youths to be fit?

Ans.  it is essential for the youths to be fit because only with  physical fitness they can build a great democracy and  defend it.

Q.8.  When the author speaks about spirituality , what does he mean by it?

Ans.   By ‘spiritualism ‘ the author mean the unity and  power of sustenance.

Q.9. How can the youths  really be of effective service to the nation?

Ans.  by equipping themselves with physical intellectual , patriotic and  spiritual dimensions, the youths can be effective to the  nation.

Q.10. What should the youths avoid ?

Ans.  The youths  should avoid corruption and  nepotism .

Q.11. What does the author mean by patriotism?

Ans. The  author in his address to the youth   explains his ideas  about patriotism.It  is one  of the   important dimensions that  a youth must acquire. By patriotism the  author  doesn’t mean  the  routine meaning but he  means the  deeper  patriotism which transcend all  pettiness and  devotion  and creates in our youth a deep urge for   national unity and  progress.  The  author feels  that this alone can eradicate  corruption and  nepotism from  our nation  and galvanize the whole process of our economic development which is  necessary for  our democratic success. 

Q.12.  Why is it necessary for our youth  to be spiritually strong?

Ans.  The author feels that for  our youth it is necessary to equip themselves with  spiritual  dimension which is the main faculty that distinguishes human beings from the  myriad other forms of life.  Spiritualism  leads to fearlessness and dynamism  even at the crucial  hours  and  overcomes all difficulties . By spiritualism , the author doesn’t mean  merely  denominational religion but the thread of unity which runs through all  religions and   from which they all ultimately derive power and  sustenance. This will help in  nation building. This spiritualism will also give us courage to fight for our freedom  and  integrity and provide us  wisdom to maintain our freedom.

Q.13.Describe  all the four dimensions in which our youth must equip themselves.

Ans.  In  his exhortation to the youth ,Dr Karan Singh , urges the  youth of India to develop physical , intellectual, patriotic qualities in order to fulfil their responsibilities towards the nation. The  Author explains these qualities in his own terms. Physical quality  is needed for building a great democracy and defending it from predatory aggressors.

Next , the author talks of the intellectual qualities which enable the youth to face the challenges of the highly sensitive  competitive age of science and technology.

The third dimension for the youth is the quality of patriotism for it transcends all pettiness and  exclusionism and  creates in them a deep urge for  national unity and progress.

then  finally , he supreme quality is of spiritualism which distinguishes human beings from the myriad other forms  of life that  exist on earth.  From spiritualism , we can  derive power and sustenance as it transcends all the distinctions of religion, caste , creed and class .  


Youth and the Tasks Ahead by  Dr.Karan Singh  

Youth and the Tasks Ahead by  Dr.Karan Singh