Work – Book  IMP-2020

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Work – Book  IMP-2020

Work – Book  IMP-2020

Q.14. Answer any four  of the  following questions –   (4× 2= 8)

Q.1.What makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’?

Ans. Working together makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’.

Q.2. which is the world’s highest water fall and where is it. ?  

Ans. The world’s highest waterfall is Angel falls. It is situated in eastern Venezuela in South America.

Q.3.How does the author compare the crafty, simple and wise men?   

Ans. Crafty men contemn studies simple men admire them and wise use them.

Q.4. what are the distilled books like?

Ans. Distilled books are like common distilled waters flashy things.

Q.5. what did wooden always focus on?

Ans. Wooden always focused on today.

Q.6. Why we must take risk?

Ans. We must take risk because the greatest hazard (danger) in life is to risk nothing.

Q.7.what do you understand by do’s and don’ts?    

Ans. Do’s means the act that are right and we should practice them .don’ts means the acts that are wrong and we should not do them.

Q.8.  why is the Gita beyond the mere  intellect ?

Ans. It is beyond mere intellect because it is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by heart.

Q.9. what is the simplest form of meditation?

Ans. The simplest form of meditation is focusing on breathing.

Q.10. which is the best place considered for meditation?    

Ans. A cool place  with  dim light  and  which  is  relatively quiet the  best  place  considered for meditation.

Q.11. when does the heart get rest? How much does it rest in a day?

Ans. When beating at a moderate rate of seventy pulses per minute. it rests for15 hours in a day.

Q.15. Answer any one  of the following –  (1× 4 = 4)

Q.1. write the central idea of the poem ‘Risks’.

Ans. ‘No risks no gain goes the saying’. ‘Man does not live by bread alone’, says the bible. Needs of man are of various types. Their fulfillment requires hard work and there are many hazards, obstacles and risks. Nature puts challenges and obstacles before him. And in this way his ability is developed. There is risks in every field of life. To achieve something one will have to take risks. a man who  fears taking risks gets nothing.  The  greatest  risks in life is not to take any risks.

Q.2. Summaries the poem ‘we are the future’.

Ans. The poem is a pledge of the Indians to build the nation strong and prosperous. We possess the necessary potential for it .forgetting our differences we stand united. We will work as a team. Some people are negative thinkers. But we will work as a team. Some people are negative thinkers. But we firmly believe that future is ours. Inspite of all obstacles we will reach the height walking hand in hand. wheather we are  villagers or town dwellers we will co-operate with one another. We will overcome all problems. We are proud to be Indians.

Q.3.How can you say that nature’s bounty is boundless?

Ans. We can say that nature bounty is boundless because  there are  millions of  things that  nature  has given  to us .natur is very  generous .for millions of  years it is given  millions of people  food ,clothing and  other  necessary articles. It has a great stock.

Q.4.Where is Chitrakoot situated?  How can we  reach Chitrakoot? Mention all the three ways.

Ans. Chitrakoot is situated in the  northern spurs of the  Vindyas.

We can reach  chitrakoot in the following three ways –

1.By Air : The nearest airport is at Khajuraho(175km),connected with Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

2.By Rail : The nearest rail head is at  ChitrakootDham(11km)on Jhansi- Manikpur main line.

3.By Road : Regular Bus service connected chitrakoot with Jhansi, Mahoba,ChitrakootDham, Harpalpur,Satna and Chhatarpur.

Work – Book  IMP-2020