4.Wonderful World

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Today we are going to tell you  about 4.Wonderful World by William Brighty Rands poem extract of class – 12 HM .friends its very important to board examinations 4.Wonderful World

                                                         4.Wonderful World            – William Brighty Rands

Class – 12 HM

Q.1. Extract of Poem.

The Wonderful air is over me.

                  And the  wonderful wind is shaking the tree

It walks on the  water , and whirls the  mills

                   And  talks to itself on the tops of hills.

Questions :  (1) The opposite of the  words ‘ bottom’ in the stanza is ……..

  (a) Wonderful       (b) shake          (c) top       (d) whirl

(2) The word that rhymes with ‘tree’ is

(a) hill             (b) me               (c) top       (d) mill

(3) What is shaking the tree?

(4) Name the Poem.

Answer : 1. (c) top                                                      2. (b) me

                3.Wonderful wind is shaking the tree.      4. Wonderful world.

Q.2. Extract…………..

Ah , you are so great , and I am so small,

                I remember to think of you , World at all,

And yet when I said my prayers to-day.

                 A whisper inside me seemed to say,

“ You are more than the earth, though you are such a dot ;

                 You can love and think , and the earth cannot!”


Q.1. Find out the word from the lines given above which:

 (a) Is the opposite of ‘inside’.

 (b) has the same meaning as ‘shake’.

(2) What does the poet mean by ‘Ah , you are so great and I am so small?

Answer : 1. (a) outside  (b) tremble

2. The poet mean that the earth is very great and he is very small. 

Q.2.What does the poet mean by ‘Ah you are so great and I am so small ?

Ans. The poet mean that the earth is very great and he is very small.

Q. Some important meaning-

         word                      syn/similar                        Ant/opposite

    1.   Wide                          large                                  Narrow

      Beautiful                    pretty                                  ugly

      Round                                –                                   square

      Curled                        surrounded                          –

      Breast                        chest                                    –     

      Drest                          clothed                                –

  1. Air                            wind                                   –

      Wonderful                    surprising                        –

      Wind                                   air                               –

      Shaking                     vibration / Tremble             –

      Walks                        move                                    –

      Whirls                        to move                               –

      Top                                  –                                     bottom              

Q. On which objects does wind walk?

Ans. Water

 3.   far                                  –                                    near

      Nod to move one’s head up and down  in agreement or understanding           –

      Cliff           a high area of rock with a very steep side                                           –

      Isles                  used especially in poetry and names to mean island                 –

4.    great                         big/large /huge                   tiny

      Shake                                 tremble                      –

      Inside                                 –                                 outside

      Seemed                     embrace /take                    –

      Dot                             a very  small thing              –

      Love                          affection / devotion            hate

      Think                         consider / understand            forget

Wonderful World by William Brighty Rands

4.Wonderful World


4.Wonderful World