Wise Judge(11th HM)

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Today we are going to tell you Wise Judge(11th HM). friends this post is related to The Wise Judge. who give the final results .Wise Judge(11th HM)

General English 

Class -11th 

 12.The Wise Judge

                                                                                                         – Anonymous

Q.1.who was Mustafa?

Ans. Mustafa was the  caliph of Bagdad.

Q.2. Why did Mustafa agree to take the  case  to the  Judge?

Ans. Mustafa agreed because he  thought it was a good  opportunity to  test the wisdom of the  judge.

Q.3. why did Mustafa dress himself like a common  man?

Ans. Mustafa had  heard about the  wisdom of the judge . he  wanted an opportunity to test it . so he dressed  like a common man in order to hide  his identity.

Q.4.what did the  judge ask Mustafa and Ali to do ?

Ans. He asked  Mustafa and  Ali  to come with him  to the stable. Then he first asked  Mustafa to go and  identify his horse . then he asked  Ali to  go and  identify the  horse.

Q.5. Justify the title of the lesson ‘ The wise Judge’.

Ans. There were no eye witnesses to guide the  judge. He  showed great intelligence in  evolving circumstantial  evidences. Hence the title of the  lesson is quite apt.

Wise Judge

The Wise Judge