Who is Beautiful?

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Today we are going to tell you  about a English story  Who  is Beautiful?   friends if you like share it or read it Who  is Beautiful?

Who  is Beautiful?

Who is beautiful?
Long time ago a great Sufi poet named Malik Muhammad jayasi try to bring Hindus and Muslims closer through his poetry.
Do a great point jaisi had poor locks. Once on an invitation from the sultan he went to Delhi court the sultan laugh at his Looks.
Jaisi asked smiling ,”Are you laughing at the point make a or the poet? Your target is the poet maker, then you are a fool. But if you are laughing at the poet you are the king of the fool.” there was pin drop silence in the court but nobody could make out what the poet really meant.
The sultan was fairly intelligent he offer the seat to jayasi and begged to be forgiven he sent away the poet with numerous presents.
After the poet had left the Minister could not help asking, ” My lord! Instead of punishing that ugly looking poet who insulted you, you honoured him. Why?”

who is beautiful
who is beautiful

it seems you couldn’t follow what the points at the sultan’s at the point maker makes point not all his points are eye catching in the some way god also creates human beings some people look handsome other just ordinary if we laugh at god we are nothing but fools and if we laugh at God’s creation that we are bigger fools real beauty lies in the conduct and characters of man beauty is in internal quality so we must never judge a person by his looks.
On hearing these birds the ministers felt small.

you must have here the name of the King Vikramaditya . he was up patron of scholars one among the gems in his court was kalidas. Kalidas   was also great for it but looked ugly. once the king said to him it seems God did not do you justice. your body is as much repulsive as your poems are lovely. what if God had blessed you with handsome looks! what have you to say?

” Maharaj get me two vessels one of the gold and the other and Earth and pitcher,” requested kalidas. His wish was granted. he filled both with water. after a while he requested the king to taste the water of the two pots. the king tested the water but could not make out what the poet was hinting at.

Who  is Beautiful?

Which part give you cool water ask kalidas.
Surely, the water in the earthen and pitcher is cooler. But what has it to do with my query? the king said.

“There is a relationship between two Maharaj , ” kalidas said smiling as the coolness of water does not depend on the outer beauty of the pot, likewise a person’s ability or greatness has nothing to do with his looks.

who is beautiful?

Four village women were once going to the well to draw out water there were talking about their sons one said my son is handsome and employed he earns a lot the second said that her son was very clever and was holding a high post 3rd women claim that her son was superior to boards he had people hankering after him for a favour. The fourth women did not praise her son she only said that her son was simple and obedient.

All the four women were walking home word when the first woman sun pass that way he looked at his mother and continue his journey.

The second woman sun also happen to pass by . He was so when office position that he didn’t even look at his mother. The third woman sun also ignore his mother .But the fourth women son run up to his mother and said, ” Didn’t I request you dear mother, so many times, not to fetch water from the well ? You should have asked me to do the job.” Saying so, he transferred the picture from his mother’s had to his own.
Now  tell me which of the four would  you call handsome beauty is judge correctly from the conduct of a person.
The eminent Greek philosopher so cross had a rough face but he was matchless in wisdom.
Abraham Lincoln the president of America was also not handsome but he is remember by his country to this day forest good deeds.
Sanskrit couplet says that a gentleman is like a coconut while with fellow is like a very the coconut has a rough exterior but it has sweet juice and kernel inside a very often tastes shower and has get a hard stone within it hard which has got pity, sympathy and a feeling of a social service is truly great. He alone can be called handsome.
Remember :- handsome is that handsome does.

Who is Beautiful?