Where are Diamonds found ?

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Part- 6

Minerals – Types,Distribution, Importance and Conservation

Diamonds –

It is a very precious element. It was  initially found in India . Kohinoor diamond of India is world known . In India , diamond mines are in Patna , Satna and  Chhattarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh ranks  first in the production of Diamond in India. It is also  found in Anantpur, Guntur, Cuddapah, Kurnool , Krishna and  Godavari . Janad of Andhra Pradesh  and  Bellary Janpad of Karnataka . It is also found in Chanda district of  Maharashtra , Sambalpur district of Orissa and  Banda and Mirzapur  district of Uttar Pradesh .

         Other minerals found  in India are Silver , Limestone , Asbestos , Chromite , Magnesite, Elmanite , Gypsum , Kyanite, Monozite , Salt and Lead.

      Minerals are a valuable gift of nature. They are formed in crores of years and are  limited . Man is exploiting nature for development , due to which quantity of minerals is decreasing . Its ill effects can be seen by the end of 21st  Century. Competition for exploiting valuable and useful minerals has  increased  so  much that one country may invade the  other . Natural balance is disturbing due to  exploitation of minerals . Whereas  over use of these  minerals substances increase pollution in the  environment. It is necessary to conserve mineral substances for the  future generations.

Conservation of Minerals –

Conservation of Minerals can be done by the following methods –

1.Every country should realize that this welth of nature is also for future generations. Therefore  the exploitation of minerals in the  race of  economic development should be  limited so that  a balance between man and nature is maintained. Human  qualities should not be  deteriorated due to competition. Each country should  try to find the substitute of these  minerals . With the feelings of world brotherhood.

2.Materials which are  polluting the  environment should not be  used.

3.U.N. should monitor exploitation and use of  minerals by the  countries.


Where are Diamonds found ?

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