What is Mercy ?


TODAY WE ARE  GOING TO TELL YOU  What is Mercy ? . friends this post is  belong t class – 11 EM . Special  English 7.Mercy (11 th  EM )  


                                                                            – William Shakespeare

Special  English 

Class -11th 

Q.1.what is the quality of Mercy?

Ans. The quality of Mercy is that it is not forced. It is a divine quality of man

Q.2. what makes mercy twice-blessed?

Ans. Both the giver and taker are benefited by the use of mercy in behavior. This makes mercy twice blessed.

Q.3. what does qualify a monarch more mercy or throne? Why?

Ans. it is the quality of mercy that qualifies a monarch more than his crown. It is so because be using mercy in his behavior, the king becomes more dear to his subject.

Q.4. what does the scepter show?

Ans. The scepter shows the force of temporal power of a king.

Q.5. what is an attribute of God himself?

Ans.  Mercy itself is an attribute of god himself.

Q.6. what happens when mercy is tempered with justice?

Ans. When mercy is tempered with justice, it become divine.

Q.7. How does mercy bless the giver and the taker alike?

Ans. Mercy is divine quality of man .it holds both the sides. It is not one sided virtue but it is double sided virtue of human being. If it is used in one’s behavior or character, it benefits not only one that gives but also the other that takes.

Q.8. Give the central idea of Mercy.

Ans. the poem “Mercy” is an an extract from William Shakespeare’s famous comedy ‘The Merchant of Venice’.in this poem the quality of mercy has been highlighted by the poet .Mercy has great value because it is a divine quality of man. Standing in the court of the Duke of Venice, Portia describes the qualities of mercy. She pleads Shylock to use the quality of mercy in his behavior.

 She pleads, ‘Mercy’ cannot be forced. Mercy has double blessing.  Mercy is greater than a king’s rod of justice, when mercy is demonstrated with justice, it becomes Godly power and justice becomes heavenly justice.

Special 7.Mercy (11 th  EM )

Special 7.Mercy (11 th  EM )


What is Mercy ?