What is Good Will?

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Today we are going to tell you some important Questions and Answer of  Special  English of class 10 th EM .friends  What is Good Will?

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1.Good Will

Special English 

Class -10 th 

Part -2 

Q.4. All the three stanzas of the hymn begin with the word ‘may’ Why?

Ans. All the three stanzas of the hymn are invocations to the divine Essence.

Q.5.Make a list of the verbs used in the poem.

Ans. The followings verbs have been used in the poem – perform .done, controls, lies, guides 

abides, resolve.

 Q.6. Define the Mind.

 Ans. The Mind is the ability to be  aware of things and to  think and feel . it is  the  cerebral part of the body. It is  the  source of one’s thoughts and feelings. It  has the  ability to reasons. It is also termed as memory.

Q.7. What do you know  about the  Vedas?

Ans. Vedas are the most  primitive holy texts of the  Hindus.They were revealed  to the  rishis in  meditation. There are four Vedas named –  Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and  Artharvaveda. They deal with the  ‘Deity’, Creation’ and  ‘Existence’.

Q.8.What is the function of the Mind in he Body?

Ans. Man does many  things in his  life according to the  will . Most of such activities are  harmful to the  interests of the  society. They make one  a  sinner and land one into trouble. Mind has the ability to  reason. It also retains past memory. It controls our fleshly desires.

What is Good Will?


Good Will