Welcome Chaturbhuj Babu

Hello friends ,

Today we are going to tell you Welcome Chaturbhuj Babu. friends this is a lesson of class – 9 HM  so friends read this lesson and update your  self .Welcome Chaturbhuj Babu

General English 

Class – 9 th 

9.The  welcome 

Q.1. Who has come back to village ?

Ans. Chaturbhuj Babu has come back to village.

Q.2.which examination did chaturbhuj Babu pass ?

Ans. He has passed his M.A. examination.

Q.3. what was  ChaturbhujBabu hoping ?

Ans. He was  hoping that his passing M.A.would make a great fuss in  the village .

Q.4. what did chaturbhuj Babu want to explain to  Nilratan?

Ans. He wanted to explain him that he had arrived as soon as M.A. exams were over as if it was a great achievement.

Q.5.why did Zamindar invite chaturbhuj Babu? What did the  invitation mean to him ?

Ans. He invited Chaturbhuj Babu with his cat sometime that evening.it was because he wasimpressed by his cat. If he comes boys would be delighted.

The invitation meant an opportunity for  chaturbhuj Babu to tell  about his achievement which he actually wanted to.

9.The Welcome

The Welcome


What is Welcome?

What is Welcome?

Welcome Chaturbhuj Babu