what is passive voice ?

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Today i am going to tell about  of what is passive voice ? so please read it carefully and learn it ………

what is passive voice ?


ACTIVE VOICE  : – The form of the verb  which shows importance of its subject as the  active does of the action is called the  active voice.

PASSIVE VOICE : – The form of the verb which shows importance of action rather than the  subject is called the passive voice.
Remember things : –

1.passive voice will make 8 tenses.

  1. Present Perfect continuous , Past Perfect continuous , Future Perfect continuous & Future continuous tense are not make passive voice .

3.we use in verb 3rd form in 8 tense.
  1. we use in subject with by + subject.
5.we change subject into object –

I      –  Me

We    – us

He   –  him

She  – her

It    –    it

They – them

You   – you

His   –  No change

We should follow some importance rules-


what is passive voice ?