Use of Neem Trees ( नीम के फायदे )

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Today we are going to  tell you about  Advantages of Neem trees . Friends its very useful to all multipurpose also so friend read and share it more Advantages of Neem trees ……..

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नीम के फायदे

1 .Neem  :  –

Neem is found  everywhere  in India .It purifies the environment .Every part of  this tree is medically useful. Neem is a  evergreen tree of 25  to 30 ft. height.Its leaves  are shining green ,flowers are small white , which have  special type of smell , fruits aare  small green egg-shaped which  get  changed in to yellow colour on growing full ripe and  then they are called ‘Nibori’ . This Nibori has a small seed inside it .Use of Neem Trees ( नीम के फायदे )

Advantages of Neem trees
Medicinal Use –

                              The leaves  and seed of Neem are useful in problems related to hair . In spring season, the use of  its newly sprouted soft leaves , purifies blood and also  prevents dangerous diseases like smallpox and many other . The  brush of neem branches  should be used  to clean the teeth and also subside teeth problem . The bark  of neem tree is very much useful in diseases relating to ‘ Ringworm’  , ‘Itchiness’ , ‘Pimples and pustules etc. from the smoke of its dry leaves , the  mosquitoes  immediately fly away. The dry leaves  are also kept in food grain containers to avert the  problem of spreading worms / insects in the  food grain . By the use of water , boiled  with neem leaves  the clothes  of a patient and also his living room are made  ‘ germs free’  the oil prepared from Neem is also used in dermatological diseases.

Besides these medicinal herbs and  plants , there  are also many other important and  useful herbs , namely white mosli (chloraphytum toberosum) ,Shankhpushpi ( Evolvulus) , Nagar Motha  ( Cyperus – Scariosus) , and  Isabgol etc. Ringworm’  , ‘Itchiness’ Advantages of Neem trees

Neem Tree  नीम के फायदे

Use of germs free oil

Ringworm’  , ‘Itchiness’

Advantages of Neem trees

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  नीम के फायदे