Use of Haldee (Turmeric)

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Today we are going to tell you about of Haldee . friends its very useful to all multi purpose also so friends read and share it Use of Haldee (Turmeric)

Haldee (Turmeric)

‘Turmeric’ has an  important place among various  kind of spices , its used in kitchen . No auspicious programme can be performed  without  use of turmeric . it is used for  preparing various  cosmetics which are used for beautification of  face and skin. its plants are  2 to 3 ft. high and the leaves are longer  dagger shaped and  somewhat like Banana leaves . Its tuber roots are  slightly like ginger and  yellowish in colour . After boiling and  drying these tuber roots, they become  worth using .

Medicinal Use –

For – Haldee the relief from cold and cough , the turmeric powder mixed with boiled water may be taken in the  night. The powder of fried turmeric mixed with  Honey  also gives relief from cough problem . The  Massage of turmeric powder mixed with mustered oil and rock salt  (Sendha Namak)  followed by a wash with boiled water ,  gives a lot of relief from  various gum problems.

Turmeric is used as an antiseptic for treating  wounds and  its  pontrice for subsiding  swelling and  pain.  

 Use of Haldee (Turmeric)

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Use of Haldee (Turmeric)