Unseen -Work is worship

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Today we are going to tell you  Unseen –Work is worship,Milk is the best food,Captain Arthur Keller so friends read and share it .Unseen -Work is worship………..

Unseen Passage 

1.Work is worship

2. Milk is the best food

3.Captain Arthur Keller

Unseen -Work is worship

Q.1. Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions given  at the  –       05 

Work is worship and unless we treat it as such, neither we nor our country will progress. There is nothing to be ashamed of doing work. Some people feel that it is below their dignity to do certain jobs. It is said that a foreign diplomat once visited Abraham Lincoln when he was president  of  America. As the visitor went in, he found the great president polishing his shoes. Shocked at what he saw, the diplomat asked him  whether  he  himself polished his shoes. President Lincoln asked, “why, who, polishes yours”? The great Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar carried the Luggage of a snobbish young man when the latter was looking around for a porter to carry the light luggage he had. Mahatma Gandhi too teaches us about dignity of work. Let us follow the examples of great people and realise    that labour is dignifying and should be equated with worship.


Question : 

  1. According to the passage whose example should we follow ?
    1. our own
    2. others
    3. great people
  2. Supply one word from the passage for ‘Praying to God’. .
  3. Why was the foreign diplomat shocked ?
  4. Who carried the luggage of the young man?
  5. What does Mahatma Gandhi teach us ?


 Q.2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the Questions given at the end :-            05 

Captain Arthur Keller and Katherine lived in Tuscombia, Albama . They were blessed with a baby girl on June 27, 1880. The child was named  Helen. Within 20 months, Helen was taken ill end was on the brink of


death. The sickness left her permanently blind end deaf. The child  developed into a savage with a useless mind, always screaming, weeping kicking and biting.

However the arrival of a teacher, Anne Sullivan on  March 3, 1887 proved  to be epoch-making. In fact, Helen calls it, “My soul’s Birthday.” with Anne’s help, Helen learnt to read Braille in English, Latin, Greek and  French and German.

The handicapped girl conquered her disabilities and led a normal life. She wrote an autobiographical volume called ‘optimism’ and a long poem, ‘The song of the Stone wall.’

Helen keller’s example should teach us to overcome our handicaps which  are nothing compared to hers. Shall we sit and mourn or stand and fight?

Question : 

  1. When was Hellen killer born ?
    1. on June 27, 1880
    2. on June 21, 1889
    3. on June 21, 1886
  2. Supply one word from the passage which means, suffering from fever or some disease.
  3. What did Helen learn with the help of her teacher Anne ?
  4. Write the name of Helen’s autobiographical volume ?
  5. What does Helen’s example teach us ?


Q.3. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 05

Milk is the best food. It has in it water, sugar, fat, vitamins and proteins. People get milk from different animals. In England, New Zealand  and  many other cool lands, there are cows. In hot, dry countries like Arabia and the middle of Asia there are camels. In India there are buffaloes as well as cows. In many places there are goats. The Eskimos have herds of reindeers. They live in the very cold countries of North America.  People  keep all these animals and get lots of milk. Form milk they can make butter and cheese. It is essential that the milk we use should be pure and germ-free. Impure milk does more harm than good to the human body.

Questions –

  1. Find out a word from the passage which is opposite in meaning for, ‘pure’.
  2. We find camels in …………….
    1. Cool lands      (ii) hot, dry
  3. Why is milk called the best food?
  4. Why should we use pure milk?
  5. What do we make from milk?


Answer Sheet – 


Answers :

  1. We should follow examples of great
  2. worship
  3. The foreign diplomat was shocked to see the president of America, Abraham Lincoln, polishing his
  4. Ishwar chandra Vidhya Sagar carried the luggage of the young  man, who was looking for a porter to carry the light luggage  he 
  5. Mahatma Gandhi teaches us about dignity of


Answers :

  1. on 27 the June
  2. ill
  3. With the help of her teacher, Anne sullivan, Helen learnt to read Braille in Eng. Latin, Greek and French and
  4. Helen’s autobiographical volume is known as –
  5. Helen’s example teaches us to overcome our handicaps;

Q. 3

Answers :

  1. impure
  2. Hot dry
  3. Milk is called the best food because it has in it water, sugar, fat, Vitamins and proteins.
  4. We should use pure milk because impure milk does more  harm then good to the human body?
  5. We make butter and cheese from milk?

Unseen -Work is worship

Work is worship

Milk is the best food

Captain Arthur Keller