Unseen Passage – old People

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 Unseen Passage

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions.

Old people say that childhood is the best part of life .They look back at their childhood and remember all its happy days. The jolly  games,  the fun they had at school, the sweetest  and cakes they used  to eat , jokes they  used  to play  and  endless discussions t. hey  had  among  friends about  almost  every  topic . Perhaps these old folks are right. And yet they forget many things that were not so pleasant in their childhood. There is a funny story that tells of a boy. Who was crying because he had to go back to school after the holidays and the father scolded him and said.“ Why , I  only  wish  I could be  a boy and go  to school  again .“ And all in a moment  the  father was  little  boy  and his son was a  grown-up  man like  his father . And the  father  in the  shape  of a  little  boy , had to go  to school , and  I can tell you  he did  not like  it at  all . A child’s troubles may seen small to grown-ups but they are very big to him.


Q.(A)What are the joys of childhood?

  1. Games , work hard and fun
  2. Labour and work only
  3. Eating cakes only
  4. Games, fun, eating sweets and  cakes

Answer – iv  . Games, fun, eating sweets and cakes

Unseen Passage – old People

 ( B)Give opposite of  ‘forget’-

  1. Dark
  2. Dull
  3. Remember
  4. Call

Answer – iii. Remember

(C) . Would old people be happy, if happy , if they became  children  again ?

  1. Yes
  2. May be
  3. May not be
  4. No

Answer – ii. May be

(D) . What wish did the father make?

  1. He could be a child again
  2. He would become an  old – man
  3. He would become a  young  boy
  4. He would become a rich man

Answer – i. He Could be a child again

(E) . Why was the boy crying ?

  1. He wanted a toy
  2. He did not want  to go to school
  3. He had not done his homework
  4. He was hurt

Answer – ii. He did not want to go to school

(F) . To whom does  a child ‘s troubles seen big –

  1. To a mother
  2. To a father
  3. To a child 
  4. To a teacher

Answer – iii. To a child

 (G) . The verb form of ‘discussion’ is ……………….

Answer  –   discuss

 (H) . The Superlative degree of “big” is ……………………

Answer – biggest

 (I) . What were the things which were not pleasant in the childhood?

Answer – one of the things which was not pleasant in childhood was going back to school after holidays.

 (J) . How does the author compare childhood and old age?

Answer –   A Child’s troubles may appear trivial to grownups but they are very big to the child.

Unseen Passage – old People

Unseen Passage – old People