Unseen Passage – My Mother

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Q. 1. Read the following passages and  answer the  question given below: 

My Mother & Father 

My father and mother  were  bounded  to reach  other  by  certain common principles and standard of  conduct but  other wise in appearance temperament and  outlook , they were  the  reverse or if  one choose to say the same  thing  in a  different  ways , the  complement of each  other . My mother  was as slight and  fragile as my father  was  robust , while  her face  was as responsive as my father’s was  impassive. 


  1. who is the  narrator in these  lines?
  2. How was the  narrator’s father bound to his  mother ?
  3. why does the narrator  find  his  mother  not a  suitable match for his father ?
  4. what does  the  face of the  father a contrast to that mother?
  5. Give a word similar in meaning to the expression ‘lean and thin’?

Answer :

1.The writer is the  narrator of these  lines.

2.The narrators father was  bound to the  mother  by certain common principles and standard of conduct.

3. The  narrators finds  his  mother not a suitable match for this father  because  she is a complete contrast in appearance temperament  and out look  of his father .

4. The mother  Ss face  was  responsive which  the father’s  face was  impassive.

5.  ‘Slight and  fragile’.

My Mother and  father 

My Mother & Father

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My Mother & Father

Unseen Passage – My Mother