15.Uncle Podger hangs a picture

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15.Uncle Podger hangs a picture

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Q.1.  what happened  every time  uncle Podger undertook to do a job?

Ans. He created a great  commotion in the  house.

Q.2. why could uncle  Podger not  find  his  handkerchief ?

Ans.  He could not find his handkerchief because it was in his coat pocket and he was sitting on the coat.

Q.3. Describe how the whole family would help the  injured Uncle Podger in hanging the picture a second time.

Ans. They would help in finding out the  lost  hammer. They would try to help him in finding out the lost mark where the nail had to go in. they would also try to help him  in calculating the distance of the nail from  the  corner.   

Uncle Podger hangs a picture

Uncle Podger hangs a picture


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