Two Gentlemen of Verona

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Today we are going to tell you Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin.friends read this post and blogs. update yourself.Two Gentlemen of Verona         Part -1 


CLASS -10th

1.Two Gentlemen of Verona

Q.1. What were the two boys doing when the author meet from  for the first time.?

Ans. The author was driving through the foot hills of the Alps. Two small boys stopped their car. They were selling wild strawberries when the author met them for the first time.

Q.2.Why did Luigi,the driver, try to stop the  author from buying the  fruit from the two boys?

Ans. Luigi was the speaker’s driver. He tries to stop the author from buying the fruit from the two boys . There were two reasons behind it. They could get fruit much better in Verona. They wore dirty clothes and had shabby appearance.

Q.3.Why were the author and his companion strangely attracted to the boys?

Ans. The two boys were wearing worn out and ill-sized clothes. The author and is companion gazed at their little figures. They had brown skins, tangled hair and dark earnest eyes. Therefore, they felt strangely attracted to them .

Q.4.Why did the boys make a visit to the country every Sunday?

Ans. The boys had a sister named Lucia. She was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. She was admitted in a hospital at Poleta in the country. Both the boys made a visit to see her condition and make payments every Sunday.

Q.5.What did the author see when he looked through the glass partition? 2015

Ans. The author had a desire to know where the two brothers had gone inside the hospital. The nurse made him look through the glass partition. The author saw the boys seated at the bedside of a girl of about twenty and chatting with her.

Q.6.Why did the author refuse to go into Lucia‘s room?

Ans. The author felt that he should not intrude upon the happy family party. Bothe the brothers were sitting at the bedside of the girl . She was listening to their chattering with sisterly love. Therefore, he refused to go into Lucia’s room.

Two Gentlemen of Verona

1.Two Gentlemen of Verona