Two gentlemen of Verona Part-2

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CLASS -10th

1.Two gentlemen of Verona 

Q.6.How did the war affect the family of the two boys?

Ans.The war affected the family in following ways: Their  father a well known singer had been killed in the early part of the war. A bomb had destroyed their home. It had thrown the two boys and their sister into the streets. They suffered acute starvation and exposure to cold.

Q.7.What was the secret that the author knew but the boys preferred to keep safely?

Ans. The two boys had gone to the hospital to see their sister who was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. The boys preferred to keep this secret safely The author had seen everything with his own eyes. He knew the secret to the letter.

Q.8 What works did the boys do to earn some money? Why did they do so?

Ans. The boys did various works to earn some money. They sold strawberries at the outskirts of Verona. They shined shoes outside hotels. They showed visitors through the town to show them places of interest. They ran errands (for reservation of seats etc.) . They also sold newspapers even after midnight. They did so in order to make payment for their sister’s treatment . She was suffering from the T.B. of the spines and was admitted in a grand hospital.

Q.9. Summarise the story of the “Two gentlemen of Verona” as narrated by the nurse.

Ans. Nicolas Jacopo and their sister belonged to a cultured family . War took their father’s  life. Their sister was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine. They got her admitted to a hospital 30 kilometers  away. They worked day and night. They earned quite  little. They spent least money over food and clothing  they saved money for their sister’s  treatment . They hired bicycles and went  every Sunday to see and look after their sister in the hospital.

Two gentlemen of Verona Part-2

Two gentlemen of Verona Part-2

Two gentlemen of Verona Part-1

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