True Worship (11th HM)

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True Worship (11th HM)

Some important Question Answer

General  English 

Class -11th 

                                 1.True Worship                                                  

                                                                    – Rabindranath Tagore

Q.1. what does the poet want us to do before putting flowers upon the feet of God?

Ans. He wants us to fill our house with the fragrance of love.

Q.2. what should we remove from our hearts first?

Ans. We should remove the darkness of sin from our hearts.

Q.3.what should we do before asking god for forgiveness  for our own sins?

Ans. We should forgive people who have sinned against us before asking God to forgive our sins.

Q.4.Who are the ‘down -trodden’? what can we do to lift them up ?

Ans. Down –trodden are those people who are treated so badly by rich and powerful people that they no longer have the  energy to fight back .we can lift  them up by giving them support ,love, care and  giving them their due.  

Q.5.what should we learn before bowing our heads in prayer ?

Ans. We should learn to bow in humility before  bowing our heads in prayer.

1.True Worship (11th HM)