TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU SOME  IMP OF TREES  , ‘Save Water , Say no to Polythene Bags , “Proper money management” , Teacher’s day’.FRIENDS  THIS IS VERY USEFUL IN MP BOARD EXAM.TREES


CLASS – 10 EM 

Importance of  trees

Q.1. Write an article on ‘Importance of  trees ’ with the help of verbal input provided.

Trees –gift of nature, Trees provide – oxygen, timber cause – rainfall ,cutting of trees –ecological imbalance, tree plantation drive – whole nation .Importance of  trees 

Ans.    Importance of trees

Trees  are necessary for  our life  survival .being gifts of  nature , they provide us  oxygen which purify air  not only this trees provides us timber , rubber, edibles etc. to run our  life smoothly . trees are also useful  for rainfall . Besides so much of  benefits man  has done nothing to  possess this precious necessity . Increasing industrialization  leads to cutting of  forests blindly . this leads to  ecological imbalances.

The significance of planting more and more trees is seen in the  background that more trees have been cut during   1981-90.

Trees plantation only  is not enough. We  must look after every tree like our own  child and nourish it . after all trees gives us  food, fuel and  more than  this . they keep our environment clean  so . “ Each one, ,plant one.”   Importance of  trees  

Q.2. Write an article on ‘Save Water’ with the help of verbal input provided.     

Ans.          Save  Water

Water is very essential for us . we  should not waste it . because of short rainfalls, draught and  over use of water, it has  become scarce. This problems is  becoming serious day by day. Therefore we must save every drop  of wate.we should  collect rain  water  on roof-tops and  store rain  water in  underground tanks. Further some  measures are to be  adopted to save water. We must turn off taps while brushing teeth, collect water washing fruits, vegetables and  cereals and  use it for gardening . over use of borewell should be stopped. Vehicles must be washed with water in a  bucket and  not by tap.  We should reuse water after washing clothes, utensils etc.

Q.3. Write an article on ‘Say no to Polythene Bags’ with the help of verbal input provided.Polythene bags have become a big nuisance .polythene bags chocked the sewage  system when polythene bags are  burnt ,  they produce highly toxic gases . polythene bags effect the  fertility of soil .we should  use paper or clothes bags etc.

Ans.            ‘Say no to Polythene Bags’

Polythene bags have become a part of everyday life. the   market  of polythene bags is increasing day by day .but the over use of  polythene bags  made them  a big   nuisance .with the characteristic of  being under gradable. it   cannot be  destroyed by any means. therefore   after being used up  they  are  thrown out carelessly  here and there .  this ultimately chockes  sewage system . but  people try to destroy by burning but  by  burning it  produces highly toxic  gases like  So2 and methane .the burning of polythene bags reduces the  soil fertility. thus to get rid of the  ill effects of polythene .we should  use paper bags and strictly avoid polythene.

 Q.4. Prices are rising very high. It becomes very difficult to manage the  expenses. Write  a short note on “Proper money management”.

Ans.               “Proper money management”

Money is meant to be spent for the sake of honour and good activities therefore unexpected expenditure should be made with much discreation voluntary may be accepted for the sake of  the country or the  religion. A person should spend according to his means. He should not take it as a dishonor in managing his own affairs, extra –vagant and indiscreet persons are bound to be ruined. A person needs to be very careful in making recurring expenditure, but he may take recourse to lavishness in non-recuring expenses.

Q.5.Suppose you are going to deliver a Speech on ‘Teacher’s day’. Prepare a draft of your speech.

Ans.            Teacher’s Day

Today, our school is celebrating, ’Teacher’s Day’. Teacher’s is celebrated in the memory of India’s first President Dr. Radha Krishnan. Who was a teacher in his young age on this day. We shall honors our teachers and distribute prizes to them. Teaching is an art and Teacher is God. Who teaches us with hard work and great difficulties most of the teachers do not get maximum salary. We should respect our teachers on this day. Our government also celebrate ‘Teacher s Day’ by giving awards and prizes to teachers. Who do best throughout the year teacher’s day is celebrated every year on 5th September in India. All of us should respect our teachers and follow their path.

Importance of  trees

 Teacher’s Day

“Proper money management”

‘Say no to Polythene Bags’

 Save  Water