Today And Tomorrow by J.E.Carpenter

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4.Today And Tomorrow

                                                                                                                                – J.E.Carpenter

Poem  –

 Don’t Tell me of tomorrow

Give me the man who’ll say

That , when a good deed today

‘Let’s do the  deed today.’

We may all command the present ,

If we act and never wait,

But repentance is the  phantom

Of a past that comes too late!

Don’t tell me  of tomorrow

There is much to do to-day

That  can never be  accomplished,

If we throw the hours away .

Every moment has  its duty,

Who the  future can foretell ?

Then whu put off till tomorrow

What today can do as well?

      Today And Tomorrow by J.E.Carpenter                    – J.E.Carpenter

Q.1. Match the following –

          A                          B

  1. Say                      late
  2. Wait                     as well
  3. Foretell               ever
  4. Never                 away

Answer –  2341

Q. 2. Give Antonyms of the following –

 Ans. Words                 Antonyms

  1. Give                      Take
  2. Late                       Early
  3. Always                  never
  4. Few                        many

 4.Today And Tomorrow

Q.1. What does  the poet mean by saying ‘every moment has its duty’?

Ans. The poet wants to say in the  above line that our each and every  moment is precious so we  should not depend on  tomorrow and perform our duty today as well.

Q.2. What  type of man  does the poet want ?

Ans. he wants a man  who does not  put off anything till tomorrow  what  he can  do today as well.

Q.3. How can we  control the present ?

Ans. We can control the present if we act and never wait.

Q.4.why should we not throw the hours away?

Ans. We should not throw the hours away because what we can accomplish today can never be  accomplished tomorrow.

Q.5.  What does the word ‘foretell’ mean?

Ans. The word ‘Fortell’ means to tell or  describe anything about the future happenings.

Q.6. Write the central idea of the poem ; “Today and Tomorrow”.

Ans. The central idea of the poem teaches us that we should not  put off till tomorrow what we can do  today . as we  do not  know future has  in  store  for us . We should make full utilization of our present time .

Today And Tomorrow by J.E.Carpenter

Today And Tomorrow by J.E.Carpenter

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