Today and Tomarrow

Hello friends 

Today we are going to tell you Today and Tomarrow . friends this post has to three lesson   

Today and Tomarrow

3.The school for Sympathy

Q.1. why do you think the write wanted to  visit Mis Beam’s school ?

Ans. He wanted to visit Miss Beam’s school because he had heard a lot about it.

Q.2.On which day is ‘sitting down’ such a relief ? why ?

Ans. On blind day sitting down  is  such a relief, because if the  child  walks, he  feels he is going to be  hit  by something every moment.

   4.Today And Tomarrow

                                                                                                                                                – J.E.Carpenter

Q.1. what  type of man  does the poet want ?    

Ans.he wants a man  who does not  put off anything till tomorrow  what  he can  do today as well.

Q.2. how can we  control the present ?

Ans. We can control the present if we  act and  never wait.

Q.3.why should we  not  throw the  hours away ?

Ans. We should not throw  the hours away because what we  can  accomplish today can never be  accomplished tomorrow.

5.Fair Play      


Q.1.who was nominated as the head Panch by the aunt?

Ans. She nominated Algu chowdhary as the  head panch.

Q.2. who  nominated Jumman  as the  head Panch?

Ans. Samjhu Sahu nominated  Jumman as the  head Panch.

Q.3. where was the  village panchayat held?

Ans. The village panchayat was  held under a banyan tree.

Q.4.what was the  demand of Jumman’s aunt ?

Ans. She wanted a monthly allowance for  her living.

Q.5.what was Algu’s judgement ? how did Jumman take it ?

Ans. Algu’s  judgement  was that  Jumman must pay his  aunt  a monthly allowance or else the  property goes back to her . on this Jumman  became Algu’s enemy.

 Q.6. what was the decision of Jumman ? how did  Algu take it ?

Ans. his decision was that Samjhu should pay Algu the price of the bullock. Algu became very happy and now he believed that God lives in the voice of the panch.

5.Fair Play