Three Days to See

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13.Three Days to See

CLASS – 10th

Q.1.What would Helen like to see in the  eyes of her  teacher?

Ans. Mrs Anne Sullivan Macy was  Hellen’s teacher . she had  opened the outer world for Hellen . Hellen would like to see  the  strength of character in her teacher’s eyes.  It had enabled her to stand firm during difficulties . She would also view her compassion for humanity.   

Q.2. what would the author like to see in a farm?

Ans.  Hellen would pass through a farm on her return from  the woods . she would like to see the horses or the  tractors plaughing the field. She would like also see the contented farmers and the colourful sunset.

 Three Days to See

Q.3.Why does Helen say that sight must be  the  most delightful of  all the  senses?

Ans. Seeing is believing . One can’t get a true picture of nature without seeing them . Eyes are a great blassing of God . The  world is dark without eyes. One realizes the importance of eyes only on getting blind. He  fails to have the  full view of the  world around. Sight is therefore , the most delightful of all the senses.

 13. Three Days to See

Q.4. Summarise the  activities Helen would  undertake on the second day.

Ans. Hellen would undertake the following activities on the  second day. 1. She would wake up at dawn . she would view how the night is replaced by the day .

  1. She would view the spread of light awakening the sleepy earth.
  2. She would have a hasty glimpse of the world. How the past changed and progressed through the ages.
  3. She would try to probe into the soul of man through his art of the ages.
  4. She would see all that she knew through touch .
  5. She would visit some theatre or movie. She would see the charming figures of the actors with her own eyes.

Three Days to See

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13.Three Days to See