Think Twice Before You Speak

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Think Twice Before You Speak

A long time ago there lived to swans and a tortoise on the bank of a pond. They were fast friends. They lived together and share their meal happily .The tortoise was a little  talkative. The swans told him  many a time that too much of speaking could be dangerous. but the advice fell flat on the  tortoise. He was easily provoked and he lost  control on his  tongue. The  swans were  fed up with the habit of  their friend. 

Once  it so happened that  for  want of rains, the  pond , wells and  streams  stared drying  up . the three friends were  greatly worried. 

” Dear friend i as a result of drought , this pond will go  dry , so we   shall stop coming here . we’ll  look for some other pond ”  the  swans said  to the  tortoise. 

” do you mean to desert  me ?” asked the  tortoise. 

“We’ll be  happy if you also  accompany us to some other  pond, but since you can’t fly , we  are helpless” , said the swans. ” Never the less we’ll find a way  out and  wan’t leave you here.”

  A few days later the two swans returned to the  pond and said to  their ,  ” we  have devised a scheme to take you along with us , but there is one  hitch . you talk too much.”

” But what has my talkativeness to do  with my accompanying you?” the tortoise asked. 


” The  scheme worked out by us demands that you keep quiet,” the swans said. 

The  tortoise promised to do as desired.

The swans bought a stick .

” Hold this stick between your teeth firmly. We shall lift the  two ends of the  stick with our beaks and fly off. but bear in mind , if you tried the  least to open your mouth, you might lose your  life”.

The  tortoise held the  stick in his mouth , and  they set out safely. 

Some boys noticed the funny scene on the sky and shouted,  ” Look  I swans are taking the tortoise  slung by the  stick. As soon as  he falls to the ground, we shall catch it.”

The tortoise kept quiet for a while . He  couldn’t control his anger for long. as soon as he  opened his mouth to give a fitting reply to the  naughty boys, he fell on the  earth and died. 

The  foolish tortoise could not hold his tongue in check, and he died. Whatever we speak not only  reveals our own character but also affect others. If a sweet tongue acts as a soothing balm, a sharp tongue hurts every body.  A crow doesn’t hurt any body , and a cuckoo doesn’t benefit any person.  yet the latter pleases one and all with her melodious nodes. 

Some body  has  rightly said  – 

First weight, then speak .

Don’t speak thoughtlessly .


Think Twice Before You Speak

Think Twice Before You Speak