The Victory  – Deepawali Debroy

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 Today we are going to tell you  the Victory  – Deepawali Debroy .for class -9 EM .friends read this article  and  questions and answer update yourself  The  Victory

2.The Victory

                                                                            Class-9th EM                                   – Deepawali Debroy

Special English 


Q.1. why did  Alexander want to  conquer India ?

Ans. He Wanted  to conquer India  because he had  won many battles. His  desire was  to  conquer the world . India at that time was  known  s  Golden Bird.

Q.2. What did  Alexander  see while  moving along the countryside ?

Ans. He saw that  the house remained dark without lights. The  women were wailing children were crying while  moving along countryside . He felt no pity for them .

Q.3. Why did  Alexander release King Puru and  went back without winning rest of India ?

Ans.  A Saint  called Alexender  a robber and not a  conqueror or a giver.  This statement made  Alexender sad and  pale with same. The saint advised  him to win the  hearts of the countrymen with love. He felt guilty . so he  released king  Puru and went back without  winning the rest of India.

Q.4. Who do  you think the real conqueror ?

Ans.  we agree with the saint. The real conqueror is one who  wins the hearts of the  countrymen with love. A robber never be a  conqueror and  a giver.

Q.5.  What made India famous ‘the  Golden bird’ ?

Ans. In the golden days  world knew India as the  Golden Bird. It was  because the trade and  commerce were  supported by  agriculture. India  flourished to  a desirable level.  The  craftmen of the  country  were skilled and  the  handicraft was fine. Peace and  economic prosperity were skilled and  the  handicraft was fine . peace and economic prosperity prevailed in the  country. Arts culture and  architecture were on  the  climax.

Q.6. Describe the incident of Alexander’s encounter with the Saint.

Ans.  Alexander went to the place where the saints were performing the Yagya. No one paid attention to him. Then he went to the  oldest saint. The saint did not notice him and Alexander felt totally ignored. The he  approached another saint and introduced himself as the  famous Alexander the great . The saint asked  Alexander what he  wanted . He also called him a youngman .Alexander told him  that he  had conquered Hindustan. He also told  him  that  he had  brought with him woollen blankets and  clothes for all  the  naked saints . The saint called Alexander a robber not a  conqueror.

Q.7. Described the last conversation between  the  saint and  Alexander. What was the  effect of this conversation on Alexander ?

Ans.  Alexander :  I am  Alexander the  conqueror of Hindustan.  I have brought Woollen  blankets and clothes. I want to  give to all  the naked ‘Fakirs’ .

Saint :  Young man  you are a robber. You  cannot be a conqueror. Win  the heart  of the  countrymen with love if you want to conqueror the world . We have renounced the world. We  need  nothing from you.  The effect of  this conversation was  that  he stopped his  forward  march. He  released king  Puru  and put off his future plans to conquer other parts of India.

2.The  Victory class -9th Em


the Victory  – Deepawali Debroy