The Selfish Giant

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Today we are going to tell you about The Selfish Giant,friends  its very important lesson  some questions may ask in exam.

General  English 

Class -11th

5.The Selfish Giant  

                                                                               William Blake

Q.1. Why did the giant build a high wall round his garden?

Ans. The giant built a high wall round is garden to stop the children  from  entering it.

Q.2. why was the little boy crying?

Ans. The little boy was crying because he was not able to climb up the tree.

Q.3. why is the Giant in the story called selfish?

Ans. The giant is called selfish because he wanted the whole garden to himself. He did not allow the children to play in it. He even built a high wall in order to stop them from entering the garden.

Q.4.why did spring not come to the Giant’s garden?

Ans. Spring used to come to the giant’s garden when the children used to come and play there. When the children were stopped from coming and playing in the garden spring also decided not to come.

Q.5.who was the little boy? Where did he take the Giant? Why?

Ans. The little boy was Jesus Christ himself. He took the giant to his garden, the paradise. He took the giant with him because the giant had changed completely. He wasn’t selfish Anymore and had started loving children and playing with them.

Q.6.Why did the giant feel sad even when the  children came regularly to play in his garden?

Ans. The giant felt sad because he could not find the  small boy in their group. The giant loved him the most because he had put his small arms round his neck and had kissed him  when he first saw him

Q.7.Explain what does the story teller mean by spring  has forgotten this garden the snow and  the  frost cried ,”so we will live here all the  year round”.  

Ans. He means that when spring will not come to the garden there will be  no change in the weather. Summer will not come because it follows spring and autumn will not come because it follows summer. Hence winter will remain all the  year round . and  so there  will be snow and  hail all the  year round.

The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant