The Second  chance

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Today we are going to tell you The Second  chance.friends this is important question. may asked in examinations  

General English 

class -9 th 

7. Am I A Child

                                                                           – Margaret Lawrence

Q.1. what do you mean by ‘my dream  world’?

Ans. The child sees many dreams. they try to see their future life in them. This is the dream world.

Q.2. what does the poet find herself unable to see?

Ans.She is unable to see the reasons for adult disputes.

8.The Second  chance

Q.1. who was Baljit ?
Baljit was the coach of the hockey team.

Q.2.why did  sudhir feel  himself the happiest person?

Ans. He felt himself the happiest persons because he was back where he belonged.

Q.3.what was the reaction of sudhir’s teammates after the match?

Ans.  His teammates would gladly have strangled him.


The Second  chance

8.The Second  chance