The Road Not Taken Poetry Part -3

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Today we are going to tell you The Road Not Taken Poetry Part -3. friends reads all three part. The Road Not Taken Poetry Part -3   


1.The Road Not Taken


Part -3

class -9th 

Extra Questions

Q.1. where does the poet find himself and what problem does he face?

Ans.  The poet find himself in a yellow wood who went in different directions. And he was sorry that he could not  travel both roads because he was  one traveler.

Q.2. What do the two roads stands for?

Ans.  The two roads stand for the   dilemma a person faces having to make a decision. The results of taking a decision one way or the other usually are different.

Q.3.which road was taken by the poet and why?

Ans.  The poet decided to take the second one because he thought that the other road had a better claim because it was not much used and it was grassy and wanted wear.

Q.4. Explain the philosphy hidden in the poem?

Ans.  The poem is about making choices in life and   that choices that shape our future. This poem teach us that  we have  to take a  right choice because after choosing we  cannot  undo them. So we have taking the right decission because any wrong decision can spoil our life. 

Q.5. why did the poet stand in a wood for a long time?

Ans. The poet stand in the wood for a long time because he didn’t choose way for himself.

Q.6. What was the condition of both road that morning?

Ans. On that morning both road were equally covered with the leaves. No step was trampled them black.

Value Based : –  

Q.1. the poem “ The Road not taken “ is about the choices than one make in life . Elaborate.

Ans. The poem “ The  Road  not taken “ is fully about the  choice that make our life but in our life  many time we have many option but we choose only  one and it  decide our future what ? but sometimes we have  confused like a poet and we  don’t know  the option that you  choose  by us  is whether correct or not but the way that we decide make our life . the poet left another way to next time when he  is able to come back their so , he choose first one. He  tooked a road made all the  difference  clear.


Q.1. Where does the traveler find himself? what problem does he  face ?

Ans. The traveler find himself at the divergence going in different direction of a path into two direction    in a forest during the autumn   seasons. He face the problem that he cannot decide which path to take to continue his journey  because it is  not possible for him to travel in  both directions in the  same time.

Q.2.Discuss what these place mean to you .

Ans.1. A Yellow wood     –   spring season

  1. It was grassy and wanted wear – second road

  2. The passing there – second road

  3. Leaves no step had trodden back – in morning

  4. how way leads on to way –        this means how certain  decision one make in life cold poe the way for many other decision.

The Road Not Taken Poetry Part -3


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