The Road Not Taken Poetry Part-2

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Today we are going to tell The Road Not Taken Poetry Part-2  class – 9th . friends … The Road Not Taken Poetry Part-2

Poetry –    Stanza                                 Part -2 

1.The Road Not Taken 

Class -9th 

CBSE The Road Not Taken  part-2

Para – 2nd 

Q. Then took …………………………………………………………. The same .

Ans. The poet  started travelling on the  other road. It looked proper and  quite good .  this road  perhaps has a  better claim  because it usefull of grass and  it wants  wear by the step of  traveler . through as for as the passing of traveler use concerned the  traveler had  really worn both the  roads  almost equally.

Q.1. What does the  word ‘wear’ mean here?

Ans.  Here the word wear  means ‘usuage or demand with use’.

Q.2. Why did the  other road have  better claims.

Ans.  The  other road had better claim because it was grassy & wanted wear.

Q.3. Write down the  word from the  stanza which is opposite to worse ?

Ans. Better

Para – 3rd

Q.   And both ……………………………….Come back

Ans. And that morning  both roads  were equally covered with the  leaves. No step had trampled them black and poet kept  the  first road for  another day.  Yet he  knew  that  one way  leads on to the  other way and  he was  doubtful  whether he would  be ever  able to come back to take the  first  road.

Q.1. Explain  the line  ‘ Oh ! I Kept  the  first  for another day’.

Ans. Yet he  knew that one way leads on to the  other way and he was  doubtful whether he would be ever able to come  back  to take  the  first road.

Q.2. what was  the condition of both the roads that  morning ?

Ans.  The condition of the both roads that  morning were  equall covered with  leaves.

Q.3. make noun of the word ‘Equally’ and use it in  your own stanza?

Ans. Equality

Para -4th

The Road Not Taken Stanza  Explained Part-2 CBSE

Q.I Shall be …………………………..all the difference .

Ans. After  a long  period of time poet shall tell this incident with a sign that  two  roads separated in a different direction in a  forest. And he took one  road  which was less travelled by the  men  and that way made all the  different in poet life.

Q.1.  what was  telling with a sigh’ mean?

Ans.  Telling with a  stress.

Q.2. what  According to the poet , has made all the  difference?

Ans. He took  one road which was less travelled by the  men and  that way made all the  difference.

Q.3. write the  synonymus of the  word ‘ separated’ for the stanza?

Ans.  Diverged

CBSE The Road Not Taken  part-2

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The Road Not Taken Poetry Part-2