The Pie and the Tart

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Special English

Class – 10th 

12.The Pie and the Tart

Q.1.what make  jean and Pierre a pretty pair?

Ans. Jean is dejected. Pierre paces up and down blowing on  his fingers . Both are cold due to insufficient clothes. Pierre  has  worn  rags. His tunic is full of holes. Both of them are hungry. These facts make  jean and Pierre  a ‘pretty pair.’ 

Q.2.What reason did Gaultier give for  not giving alms to Pierre?

Ans.   Pierre begged alms of Gaultier . Gaultier asked  Pierre to  go away . He told him that he had got nothing for him . Moreover his wife was away and he was busy.

 Q.3.why did  Gaultier not carry the eel pie when he  went to dine with the Mayor?

Ans. Gaultier was going to dine with the  Mayor . He longed to take an eel pie with him. But  he was  a man of position . He would lose his prestige  if people saw him carring an eel pie through the  streets of Paris . Therefore , he did not carry it himself.

 Q.4.why was Gaultier angry with Marion?

Ans. Gaultier had gone to dine with the Mayor . But the  Mayor had gone out . He returned hungry . A Hungry man is an  angry man .  .His wife , Marion told him that  she had given the eel pie to his  messenger . He had  not sent any messenger .  Therefore , Gaultier got angry with Marion.

Q.5.Describe how Jean and Pierre managed to get the pie.

Ans. Pierre and Jean were two thugs of Paris . Both of them  are  suffering from cold as well as hunger. Pierre knocks on the  cake  shop door. He begs for alms. The cake shop owner Gaultier turns  him away . Jean also meets the same fate. Jean sits outside on the  bench. Gaultier goes to dine with the Mayor . He told his wife Marion to  give the eel pie to a messenger. The messenger could  kiss her hand . Jean overheard the  couple’s talks. He sent Pierre as the  messenger . Pierre touched Marion’s hand and managed to get the  pie.

The Pie and the Tart

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12.The Pie and the Tart