The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde

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11.The Model Millionaire

                                                                                                                 – Oscar Wilde

Q.1. Hughie Erskine remained poor .What Professions did he adopt but could and succeeded?

Ans. Hughie tried several jobs. First of all, he tried stock exchange for six months. Then he became a tea merchant for a little longer. At last, he attempted seeing dry sherry.

Q.2. Describe the appearance of the beggar – man as he stood in the studio of Alan Trevor.

Ans. The Beggar man was standing on a raised platform in a corner of the room .he was wizened old man with a face like wrinkled parchment and most piteous expression.

Q.3.Describe how and through whom Hughie got ten thousand pounds?

Ans. When Hughie was in Trevor’s studio, he got sympathized to the old beggar. He gave him a sovereign that he had got in his pocket that time. The beggar was not really a beggar but he was one of the richest men of Europe. Baron invested the sovereign given by Hughie. It earned an interest per month. In this way, it could earn ten thousand pounds. Baron presented the same amount as a gift at the wedding of Hughie and Laura.

Q. Pick out the sentences from the text which suggest the following –

Q.1. Hughie’s father was a soldier.

Ans. His father bequeathed him his cavalry sword and a ‘History of the Peninsular War’ in 15 volumes.

Q.2. Hughie was allowed to come Trevor’s studio whenever he liked.

Ans. He liked him quite as much for his bright buoyant spirit and his generous rickless nature and had given him permanent entree to his studio.

 Q.3. Hausberg would invest Hughie’s sovereign in business.

Ans. He’ll invest your sovereign for you, Hughie, pay you the interest every six months and have a capital story to tell after dinner.

Q.4. Baron Hausberg was an ideal rich man.

Ans. Baron Hausberg was very rich. When Hughie gave him the coin. He smiled and did not get annoyed .In the end, he helped Hughie by giving him a cheque of ten thousand pounds.

The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde