The Happy Prince (10th EM )

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Special English 

Class – 10 th 

2.The Happy Prince

Q.1.What was the statue of the Happy Prince adorned with?

Ans. The statue of the Happy Prince was gracefully adorned .it was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold. He had two bright sapphires for his eyes. A large red ruby glowed on his sword hilt.

Q.2.To Whom did the Happy Prince give the ruby and Why?

Ans. There was a seamstress, far away in the little street. Her little son lay ill in the bed. He was  suffering from fever . he was  asking for oranges. He was   crying because his master could not afford to give him anything but river water. Therefore, the happy prince gave her the ruby.

Q.3.What were the Happy Prince’s eyes made of? What did he do with them?

Ans. The Happy Prince’s eyes were made of two bright sapphires. He gave one sapphire to a play wright. He was feeling cold and was hungry. He gave the other sapphire to a little match girl. She had let her matches fail in a gutter and was crying.

Q.4.What happened to the statue of the Happy Prince at last?

Ans. The Mayor and the town Councillors saw the ugly statue. They got it pulled down as it was  No longer  useful. Then they melted the statue in a furnace. It was   decided that the Mayor’s statue should be made out of its metal. The broken lead heart did not melt in furnace. Hence it was  thrown in  a  dust –heap.

Q.5. Did the Swallow go to Egypt? Give reason.

Ans. The Swallow did not go to Egypt. He had resolved to stay with the Happy Prince forever because he had gone blind .he would not leave the Happy Prince out of his deep love and regard for him. Moreover,

the had lost his strength to fly and died at the feet of the Happy Prince.

Q.6.What were the two most precious things in the city that the angel brought to God?

Ans. The Angels brought two things from the city to God place. They had done something good for the poor and the needy both the Angels and God considered them as most precious things.

Q.7. Where did the swallow put up at night?

Ans. One night a little swallow flew over the city. All day long he flew. He got tired at night and flew down.

The town had gone to sleep. He sat at the statue. He decided to put up at night there. He spent the night just between the feet of the Happy Prince .it was like a golden bedroom.

Q.8. Why was the Happy Prince Weeping?

Ans.  When the Happy Prince was alive, he had not known what tears were. he lived in the  palace  where sorrow was  not allowed to enter. The Courtiers called him a Happy Prince. Now the Happy Prince sat very  high . he saw the  ugliness and  miseries of the  city. Therefore he was weeping.

The Happy Prince


2.The Happy Prince (10th EM )

The Happy Prince (10th EM )