The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth

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Part -1

12.The Frog and the Nightingale

                                                                            –  Vikram Seth

Q.1.What is that human beings cannot beat and why?

Ans. It is frog- chorus that human beings cannot beat. It is so because frog-chorus has double bars.

Q.2.What do you understand by ‘chorus’ and why is it repeated in this poem? What is the purpose of chorus?

Ans. ‘Chorus ‘means, ‘a song that is sung by a group of singers’. It can be called ‘a group song’. The words ‘chrous’ has been repeated. First, it is used for frog-chrous than it is used for human-chrous. The purpose of chorus is to give stress on the melody and rhythm of the song to the audience.

Q.3. Is the poet making fun of the frogs? Compare this with the poem by Vikram Seth.

Ans. Undoubtedly, The poet makes fun of the frog. On the other hand he puts stress on one thing that human beings lack sense of sense of decision. This is the reason why a cunning and worthless fellow succeeds in befooling an able and talented one. In the poem of Vikram Seth. The talented and melodious singer, nightingale the victim of the cruel policy of the frog that is jealous of the nightingale’s art and melody of singing.

Q.4. Write about the frog who set on the swampy spot.

Ans. The frog who sat on the swampy spot is green. He sings the song that the human world is rotten and cursed- plight. He proves himself wise as he determines to set the human world aright.

Q.5. Why does the poet say that ‘the world is ruled by its chorus frogs? Give two example from the poem to prove your point.

Ans. The poet says that the world is ruled by its chorus frog. The reason is that evil things prevail our society. Good things are discarded. These are the examples to point this –

  1. Tenor sings were out of place,

For every frog was a double bars.

  1. The soaring spirits that fain would fly,

On wings of hopes to the starry sky.

Q.6. Can we call the poem a parody? Give example for your argument.

Ans. We can call the poem ‘a parody’. The reason is that the rhyming scheme is similar in both the poems. There are other similarities.

  1. The subject- matter of the both is ‘about frog’.
  2. Both the frogs sing under silvery moon.
  3. Both the frogs are high-spirited.
  4. Both the frogs decide to defeat the world.
  5. Both the poets reveal that a deserving person is ruled by undeserving one.
  6. The poet reveal the reality of world where nobility is not admired.


The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth