The English Language poem

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16.The English Language

                                                        – Harry Hemsley

                                                                      class – 12  HM

Q.1.some important meaning-

  1. word syn/similar                                Ant/opposite

      Queer                                 strange / unusual                     –

      Ajar                                     slightly open                             –

Adders    a small poisonous snake , often with diamond shaped marks on its back   –

Copper                    a police officer


 Q.1. Extract

Some words have different meanings

And yet they are spelt the same

A cricket is an insect

To play it , it’s a game

On every hand in every land,

It’s thoroughly agreed

The English language to explain

Is very hard indeed.

Questions   :

(a) The above lines have been taken from the poem ………..

(b) What is the name of the insect in the stanza?

(c) Give the opposite of the word ‘easy’ from the above lines.

(d) The same meaning of ‘completely’ is :

           (i) purely   (ii)wrongly   (iii) thoroughly     (iv) explain

 (e) The opposite of the  word ‘same’ in the stanza is :

            (i) difficult    (ii) different   (iii) hard        (iv) every

 (f) The meaning of word ‘hard’ is    :

           (i) difficult      (ii) easy         (iii) rough      (iv) plain

(g) what are the two meaning of ‘cricket’?

(h) An insect and a game both can be called :

            (i) chess       (ii) Cricket         (iii) fly      (iv)  similar

(i) What is thoroughly agreed everywhere?

Answers   :

(a) The English Language     (b)  cricket      (c) difficult      (d) (iii) thoroughly

(e) (ii) different    (f) (i) difficult   (g) a game  ,an insect (h)  ii) Cricket

(i) English Language to explain is very hard indeed.

Q.2. Extract

Some people say  that you‘re a dear

Your dear is far from cheap,

A Jumper is a thing you wear,

Yet a jumper has  to leap,

It’s very clear .it’s very queen

And pray who is to blame

For different meaning to some words,

Pronounced and spelt the same?

Question   :

(a) What is the opposite of word ‘dear’ ?

(i)  costly  (ii) cheap      (iii) precious     (iv) beloved

(b) The word ‘jumper’ has two meanings. It’s one  meaning is ‘one who jumps.’ What is the second meaning ?

       (i) a woman’s loose outer garment.      (ii) Strange     (iii) Different  (iv) blame

 (c) Name the poem from which this extract has been taken .

Answer   :  (a) (ii) cheap                    

(b)  (i) a woman’s loose outer garment.

(c) The English Language        

The English Language poem extract


The English Language poem