The Diamond Necklace by G.D.Maupassant 

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Today we are going to tell you about  The Diamond Necklace  its a story  written by  G.D. Maupassant  friends  The  Diamond Necklace a story of  girls who belongs to  a  poor family  .The Diamond Necklace by G.D.Maupassant. Friends  YOU can watch  youtube also.

Special  English  class – 12th

Lesson – 2

The Diamond  Necklace

                                                         – G.D. Maupassant

Q . Answer the following question.

Q.1. What was the actual cost of the necklace?

Ans. The actual cost of the necklace was  only  five  hundred francs.

Q.2. Who was Mathilde  married  to  ?

Ans.  Mathilde was married  to Mr.  Loisel , a clerk.

Q.3. Where was  Mathilde’s husband  employed?

Ans. Mathilde’s husband was employed  in the  Ministry of Public Instruction .

Q.4. Why did Mathilde wear plain dresses?

Ans.  Mathilde wore  plain dresses  because  she couldn’t  afford costly ones.

 The Diamond Necklace by G.D.Maupassant 

Q.5. What things did Mathilde resent in her life?  2009, 2014

Ans. There were many thinghs  that  Mathilde  resented  all her  life . But  the most  important  of it  was  her  being  born  and  married  in an  ordinary  family  devoid of all the  luxuries. She  had  no good  and  costly dresses . she  had poor  dwellings . but  unluckly, she  live in  a wretched house  with  barren walls . she had  shabby  chairs and ugly  curtains. She had no rank  and profile  in society.

Q.6. On receiving the  invitation to the  ball,Mathilde wept. Why? 2010

Ans.When  Mathilde’s husband , Mr. Loisel brought  the invitation  to the  ball  . she  wept instead of being delighted because  she had  no  jewels, no gowns, and  nothing of the  sort  that can   match the  grand party. She  resent being married to  such an  ordinary  man as  she   was  a  lady with high ambitions.

 Q. 7. How did Mathilde fare at the ball? 2011

Ans. At the party Madame  Loisel was a  great  success. She  was prettier than  any other  woman  present. She  was  elegant , graceful , smilling and   filled with joy everyone  was  attracted to  her and  wished to be  familiar with her . The  attaches of the  cabinet wished  to dance   with  her .  Even the minister himself was attracted to her . she  fared well  more than  she had  thought for.


Q.8. How did  Mathilde and  Loisel repay the  cost of the  necklace? 2012

Ans. Mathilde and  Loisel had to  pay  a very heavy price to meet the cost  of the  new  necklace.  The  arrangement of the  money for the  necklace  proved to be  a  ruin  for  the  rest of their life.   They had to  compromise for the  whole life thereafter .  They dismissed  their servants. Changed their lodgings and   rented a garage under  the roof .  Mathilde did  all the   household work herself . she  washed  the dishes , soiled linen , the   shirts , and  the   dishcloths    

And carried  water . she dressed like a common woman  , went  to  fruiter , the  grocer , the  butcher  and  everywhere  and   bargained  for  every sou. Loisel himself  worked  in the   evening s making up  tradesman’s  account  and late   at night  often  copied manuscript  for   five sous a page . It took  ten years for them  to  compensate the  loss.

The Diamond Necklace by G.D.Maupassant 

The Diamond Necklace by G.D.Maupassant