The Cuckoo- William Wordsworth

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Today we are going to tell you To The Cuckoo- William Wordsworth . friends this post  has written  lesson -4 Question and answer .The Cuckoo- William Wordsworth

4.To the Cuckoo

Special English 

Class -10th 

Q.1.How does the poet address the cuckoo in the beginning of the poem and why does he do so?

Ans. The poet  William Wordsworth  addresses the cuckoo  as the  ‘Blithe Newcomer’   in the beginning of the  poem . he calls it a  ‘newcomer because  its song captivates and moves him  to  supreme spiritual  joy. 

Q.2.Why does the poet choose to call the cuckoo a wandering voice?

Ans.  The poet  is lying  on the grass . he  hears the  cuckoo’s  two fold shout. Sometimes it goes far off.  At other times, it comes  too near. He calls the cuckoo a wandering voice because it wanders from hill to hill.

Q.3.What does the cuckoo bring to the poet?

Ans. The cuckoo sings its song to the sunny and  flowery  valley . it moves the poet  to supreme spiritual joy. It transports him, to  a land of bliss. It revives the  memory of a  visionary tale in him.

Q.4. what did the cuckoo make the poet do during his school days?

Ans. The poet  used to  listen to the  cuckoo’s song  during his  school days . The Cuckoo’s cry  enchanted his  heart. It urged him  to  see the  invisible bird . therefore , he wandered  through woods and  plain to seek her.

Q.5. Describe the various ways in which the poet addresses the cuckoo in the poem.

Ans. The  poet addresses the cuckoo in the  following various ways. In the  first stanza he calls it as a  ‘Blithe newcomer’  and  a wandering voice . then he calls it is ‘Darling  of the  spring ‘  , ‘an invisible thing a voice.  ‘A mystory ’. Last of all he calls it ‘a blessed birds’.

Q.6.”Nature is a great teacher” Elaborate the though.

Ans. Wordsworth felt that nature leads one from joy to joy. He believed that  nature was a living being . for  him , nature  was a supreme  spirit . its sole  purpose was  to  delight and   teach human beings. There is a  mystic  bond  between nature and man .nature reflects  his own  mood . he also saw hearing power in nature . nature to Wordsworth  was  everything. Nature   never betrays the  heart that loves it.

Q.7.When and where did the poet see the Cuckoo?

Ans. It was  the spring  seasons. The poet ,Wordsworth was lying on the grass in a valley . full of flowers. The  valley was surrounded  by hills. It was  an enjoyable  seasons both for the poet and   the cuckoo . the poet saw the cuckoo flying from  hill to hill.

The Cuckoo


The Cuckoo- William Wordsworth