The Broken Wing Questions & Answer

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16.The Broken Wing

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General English 

Class -11 HM

Q.1. What  does  the poet  mean  by ‘ renascent light’?

Ans.  By ‘ renascent light ‘  the poet  means the light which is  reviving the  glory of  our  country.

Q.2. what  does ‘ spring ‘  stand for ?

Ans. The period of the  British Raj  was like winter – cold and  dreary and  after it, independence will come like spring during which  plants get new  leaves and  them  they go on to  bloom. Hence, ‘ spring ‘ stands for  independence.

Q.3. what made the  song-bird’s pinion bleed?

Ans. During the British Raj , the intellectuals had to  bear the  brunt of  their repression . the song bird’s bleeding pinion was the  result of it.   

Q.4. what is meant by ‘age –long sleep’?

Ans. The period of sleep is a time of maximum inertia. The period of the British Raj is referred to as    ‘age –long sleep’ because it was the period of great suppression resulting in inertia.

Q.5.why is the song birds wing broken?

Ans. If the intellectuals were not suppressed they could have created an uprising in the country. Hence they were brutally suppressed. This was the cause of the broken wing of the song bird.

The Broken Wing

16.The Broken Wing


The Broken Wing Questions & Answer