The Bridge Builder

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18. The Bridge Builder 

– Well Allen Dromgoole

Q.1.what did the old man’s fellow pilgrim tell him about his attempt at building a bridge across the chasm?

Ans. The old man’s fellow pilgrim called his labour  futile . his journey would end that evening . he  would never pass that  way  again . Therefore  , his attempt at building a bridge across the  chasm  would be of no use for him.

Q.2.What did the old man tell his fellow pilgrim?

Ans. The old man told his fellow pilgrim that a  youth was  following him . While travelling in the  twilight he might  slip   his  feet and fall into  the  pit . Therefore , he  was  building the  bridge for   his safety . 

 Well Allen Dromgoole

Q.3.What is the moral conveyed by The Bridge Builder?

Ans. The Bridge Builder conveys the  following morals :

  1. Do good and forget .
  2. Help others and you will be helped.
  3. Be generous and  helpful even to the  strangers .
  4. Don’t be selfish
  5. Always act for the  benefit of humanity.
  6. Be humane.
  7. Always adopt a helpful attitude  towards others .

 Q.4. What is the world of today replete with?

Ans. The world of today is called the Kaliyug. Most of the  people are mean, greedy, of loose morals and  insincere. They are after grinding their own axes by hook or by crook. They are least concerned with others weal, woe or welfare.

 Q.5. How can we call ‘The Bridge Builder’s ‘ a beautiful poem?

Ans.  The Bridge Builder is a beautiful poem   from all angles. It has the rhyming scheme a  b  throught the poem. Its them is noble. It has a religious and moral content.It  tells us  about the utility of  selfless labour . It reveals the  diverse  nature of two  pilgrims. 

18. The Bridge Builder 

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