The Beggar  by Anton Chekhov

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Today we are going to tell you   The Beggar  by Anton Chekhov  friends its very useful to exam so read and share it  special english  class – 12th EM The Beggar  by Anton Chekhov

Lesson –8

8. The Beggar

                                                                                  –  Anton  Chekhov

Q. Answer the following Questions – 

Q.1. Why did Skvortsov look askance at the beggar ?

Ans.  Skvortsov looked askance at the beggar  because he had  doubts about him .


Q.2. Why did the beggar confess that he  lied?

Ans.  The beggar  confessed  that he  lied  because  the  narrator   threatened him to hand him over to the  police.


Q.3.  Why was Skvortsov was angry with the  beggar ?

Ans.  Skvortsov was angry with the beggar because the beggar was  begging in the  name of a  school master to earn more  sympathy from people.


Q.4. What made Skvortsov so happy when he met the beggar at the theatre?

Ans.  The beggar was in  a much better position with a considerable income . it  made  Skvortsov happy.


Q.5. Why did Olga  shed tears over the  beggar?

Ans. Olga shed tears  over the  beggar because she wanted to bring  about a change in the  beggar’s soul .


Q.6. What was the reason that made Skvortsov  feel ashmed and sore?

Ans.  Skvortsov felt ashamed and sore at the  thought that he had  made a pampered , drunken and sick man to do hard rough work in cold.

 The Beggar  by Anton Chekhov

Q.7.  What made  the men with  the vans laugh at the beggar ?

Ans.  The men with the vans laughed at the  beggar for his idleness, febleness and ragged coat.


Q.8.Why did the beggar get a merciless scolding ?

Ans. The beggar while begging approached Skvortsov , the  narrator . He began to explain his  helplessness and tried to convince him  for help . However , the narrator recollected his  memory and remembered that was the man who just a day  back was  begging in the  name of an  expelled student . This time he was  begging in the name  of a school master .  He  was using the name of a school master and a  student in order to  attract more sympathy from people .  He was trying to blackmail people emotionally . It made the  narrator angry and he scolded him mercilessly and also threatened to hand him over the  police.


8.The Beggar 

The Beggar  by Anton Chekhov