The Amazing Neem tree

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The Amazing Neem tree

Notes  & Summary Making

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end :

Familiar to most people for its medicinal properties, the  Neem  is recognized by few despite its distinctive cured leaves and annual profusion of star shaped sweet scented flowers it is an evergreen medium  sized or large sized tree with a straight trunk, a native of India, Myammar and Srilanka. Young leaves are pale, tender, green tinged with rust. These are eaten on new year days to ward off sickness during the coming year. Some people to whom the tree is sacred, also festoon fresh leaves across their houses when there is an epidemic of chicken pox or to keep evil spirits  away when there is a birth or death. Dried leaves are put in drawer or cupboards to keep out moths and cockroaches. These magic leaves are used a poultice for healing wounds. The famous Margosa oil, obtained from the yellow fruit is effective in the treatment of leprosy, rheumatism and skin disease. The bank and gum yield valuable medicines. Neem, timber is used for ship building, carts and furniture.

(a)  On the basis of your reading of the  above passage, make  notes   on  it.               

(b)   Write a summary of the above.     


Q.2. Write an article on the topic ‘SAVE WATER’ by using the ideas given in the chart.      


Collect rain water on roof-top.
Store rain water in under ground tanks.
Turn off taps while brushing teeth.
Collect water after washing cereals, fruits, vegetables for gardening.
Do not over-use bore-well.
Wash vehicles with water in bucket.
Reuse water after washing clothes, utensils etc.



 Q. The pictures below show children in pitiable condition. Though we talk about abolishing child labour, much more has to be done. Now write a para on the evils of child-labour.


Answer Sheet –  



Title  –  The Amazing Neem tree

Notes :-

  1. Physical properties of Neem :
    1. Med or large tree with st trunk
    2. Evergreen
    3. Curved leaves
    4. Star shaped sweet scented 
    5. Young leaves pale, tender green tinged with

 2.  Uses of Neem leaves :

  1. Eaten on New years Day to ward-off
  2. Fresh leaves festooned across the
    1. as protection from chicken pox
    2. keep evil spirits away.
  3. keep out moth and
  4. poultice for healing

3.  Margosa Oil Treats :-

  1. Leprosy
  2. Rheumatism
  3. Skin disease

4.  Other uses of Neem :

  1. Medium
  2. Neem timber used for
    1. Ship building
    2. Cart
    3. Furniture

b.   Summary

The Amazing Neem tree

Neem is an evergreen or large sized tree with straight trunk, curved leaves and star shaped sweet scented flowers. Its young leaves are pale, tender green tinged with rust. The neem leaves are eaten on  New  years Day to ward off sickness. The fresh leaves are festooned across the house  as protection from chicken pox. Neem leaves are used to keep out moth  and cockroaches and as poultice for healing wounds. Yellow fruit yield Margos to treat leprosy, skin disease and rheumatism. The timber is used for ship building and furniture. Thus the Neem tree is useful.


Answer  – 


Water is precious. we must save each drop of it. The existence of our planet depends on it. Here are certain tips which would help us to save water.

  1. we should collect rain water in tanks,  on  rooftops  through pipeline.
  2. we can reuse water after washing clothes, utensils, vegetable, dal, rice,
  3. we must learn to use water carefully while bathing, turn off taps while brushing
  4. we should not use pipe to wash vehicles, instead a bucket full should be used for this.




Answer –


There are laws in our country which aim at abolishing child labour. Still it has been observed that a number of children below the age of 14    are forced to work under pitiable conditions to earn a living.  All  this results into malnourishment and stunted physical as well  as  mental  growth, such children are not enrolled in schools to get formal education. Such children fall prey to bad habits like – smoking, drinking and drugs. They have no aim and thus are unable to lead a purposeful life.




The Amazing Neem tree

The Amazing Neem tree