Text Book -12 HM IMP

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 Today we are going to tell  Text Book -12 HM  Some important  Questions and Answer – 2020. SO READ AND SHARE IT  Text Book -12 HM  imp

Some important  Questions and Answer – 2020

Some important  Questions and Answer – 2020

Text Book -12 HM IMP

Q.11.  Answer  any  two  of  the following questions –  (2 × 2 = 4)

Q.1.Who are the people far from us?

Ans .The people who are far from us who have no ray of hope in their life , who are forgotten by society  and who are suffering a great deal.

Q.2. what is the overall mood of the poem?

Ans. The overall mood of the poem is that of love, care and devotion to humanity and to god.

Q.3.what is the attire of the earth?

 Ans. The attire of the earth is the water of the seas and the greenery on the land.

Q.4. How can one reach the temple?       

Ans. One who is pure in heart and has dare to climb the heights of unnumbered steps can reach the temple.

Q.5.  Why does the  forest envy the river.?

Ans. The forest envies the river for its ability to go from place to place.

Q.6.What are the two meaning of the word ‘cricket’?   

Ans. The first meaning is ‘ a small insect ‘ and the other is the name of a game.

Q.12. Answer any seven  of the following questions -(7 × 2 = 14)

Q.1.what was Mini doing in the balcony ? 

Ans. Mini was sitting in her wheel chair and watching the children playing in the park outside.

Q.2. what disability did she have? 

Ans. Mini was a spastic. who had no control over her hands & legs from birth. she could not walk.

Q.3.What is the best way to disarm hostility?  

Ans. The best way to disarm hostility is not to think ill of other s until they try to harm you and even .them try to overlook their faults as far as possible.

Q.4. What are comfort zones?

Ans. Comfort zones may be external or physical ,mental ,emotional social or psychological in these we feel comfort

Q.5. How can we free up time?

Ans. We can free up time by daily planning.

Q.6. what are natural laws? how do they  affect our lives ?

Ans. Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life. if we  obey them we  gain  better control of our lives have improved relationships, increase our own productivity and experience inner peace

Q.7 what are governing values? How can we identify our governing values?

Ans. Governing values control the priorities of our lives and are the foundation of our personal success and fulfillment .we can identify them by identifying the priorities.

Q.8. why should we leave our comfort zones and how?

Ans. We should leave our comfort   zones if we want to reach any significant goal in our life .we can leave them by effort and commitment.

Q.9. what was the topic of discussion at Dabney’s?

Ans. The topic of discussion at Dabney’s was the supernatural. It had an endlessly interesting theme.

Q.10.who was Swami   Arvasu?   

Ans. Swami Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganga’s with his small group of followers.

Q.11.what happened when Birju went to collect firewood?

Ans. When Birju went to collect the firewood the whole village was asleep .at this odd time of midnight he didn’t want to disturb the villagers.so he was wandering in search of firewood. Suddenly he heard a sound of frying something.

Q.12.what did Birju see when he peeped into the hut?

Ans. Birju saw two children huddled up in a corner and a woman trying him to give them an impression that something was being fried.

Q.13. what does the brain consist of?

Ans. The brain consists of neurons and glial cells. It is one and a half kilo mushroom of grey and  white tissue of gelatinous consistency.

Q .14.who were the  first visitors to the  farm ?

Ans. Birds and  butterflies  were  the first visitors to the  farm.

Q.15. why did Ghasi not buy a bicycle?

Ans. Ghasi did not buy a bicycle because he had never ridden a bicycle in his life. he feared  that  if he did  that at  that  age  he might break  his limbs.

Q.16. Why did Mohan name his ass as ‘truck saab’?

Ans. Mohan named his ass as ‘Trucksaab‘ because the ass could take a truck load of clothes and run like a motor car.

Q.17. Why did the new passenger not notice her hair?

Ans. He noticed her eyes. they were beautiful but they were of no use to  her , she was completely blind. So he did not notice her hair.

Q.13. Answer any one  out of two –  (1× 4 = 4)

Q.1. Make a list of civic duties  as  suggested  by Dr. Kalam .   

Ans . The civics duties suggested by Dr. Kalam are as follow. 1.Keep your surrounding clean.    2.Planting trees. 3.Helping under privileged children.    4.Keep your school campus clean.

Q.2. Describe the duck’s farewell.   

Ans. Mini father took all the children and the duck to nearby lake. The children lifted theirthe duck carefully from Mini lap and gently released him into the lake .he began swimming and shoveling the water with his beak. The children watched him for a long time.

Q.3. Explain ,‘ True equality is the only true morality or true wisdom ’ .

Ans. True wisdom requires that everybody should be treated as equal so that there are no conflicts in society resulting in peace and prosperity .and according to true morality why should there be discrimination  based on wealth and status when everybody is born equal . thus it can be said  that true  equality is the only true morality and true wisdom.

Some important  Questions and Answer – 2020

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Text Book -12 HM  imp