Tense Exercise Practice

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Today we are going to tell you about  Grammar  Tense Exercise Practice . so friends read and share it .all competitions exam  also .Tense Exercise Practice.


Exercise on tenses-level-1

 Do Practice:-

Q. Make the sentence with suitable forms of verbs given in the bracket.

  • Simple present:-
  1. Buses (run) on this road erery hour.
  2. The old woman always (carry) a stick.
  3. When she (wash) the clothes?
  4. His son (go) to school regularly ?
  5. Why rives (freeze) at high altitudes ?
  6. The carpet (not match) the colour of the walls.
  7. The last bus normally (leave) at midnight.
  8. The workers (relax) at weekends.
  9. Children (not like study.
  10. He (engage) new workers every year?
  • Present continuous:-
  1. She (not work),she (play) chess with her friends now,
  2. Shyam (sweep) the floor at the moment ?
  3. Why you (make) pudding ? someone (come) for dinner ?
  4. She still (sing) ?
  5. Why you (speak) so fast ? you (speak) wrong.
  6. Our team (not take) part in the competition next
  7. That movie (run) in the local cinema now-a-days.
  8. She can’t open the door because she (put on) the clothes.
  9. What teacher (teach ) now? He (teach) history.
  10. We (have) lunch at 2.00 tomorrow as Ram (catch) a noon train.
  • Simple past:-
  1. We (hear) a terrifying news last night.
  2. They (celebrate) their success two days ago.
  3. When he (see) the play at the theatre last Sunday ?
  4. The police (catch) the decoit at 9:00 p.m.
  5. Seema (not find ) her lost book an hour before.
  6. Why she (spend) a lot ofmoney on shopping in shimla ?
  7. Shyam (inherit ) his father’s business after his father’s death.
  8. His train (not arrive) at 8:00 at the station yesterday.
  9. He (send) his clothes to the laundry for washing yesterday.
  10. My teacher (write) a book last year.
  • Past continuous:-
  1. We started back home from the party while it (get) dark.
  2. The month bring very hot, a lot of people (plan) to leave for Goa.
  3. The bus in which pilgrims (travel) met with a horrifying accident.
  4. My cousin wear sandals byt when I last saw him he (wear) boots.
  5. As she (climb) the stairs, she slipped and fell off it.
  6. He did not come because he (attend ) a meeting next day.
  7. She left study because (marry) that year.
  8. The labourer had a bad fall while he (repair) the roof.
  9. When I went to see my mother, she (sleep) that moment.
  10. She (sweep) the floor when I called on her.
  • Present perfect:-
  1. In the movie we just now (see) the most extraordinary scene.
  2. This is the best book I ever (read).
  3. How long you (know) him ?
  4. There are no taxies available because the drivers (go) on the strike lately.
  5. She just (make) some tea. Will you have a cup ?
  6. Vinay (mend) the punctured tyre of his car yet.
  7. The police (arrest ) thief so far and the residents are displeased.
  8. You ever (ride) a horse ? riding is a good exercise.
  9. He (believed) it at all along.
  10. This house (belong) to me since my birth.

Past perfect:-

  1. After the guest (leave) we did the washing.
  2. She (type) all the material by last evening.
  3. We (finish) shopping bevore it started raining.
  4. He already (leave)hospital when I called on him.
  5. She was not present because she (leave)office when her boss called her.
  6. After she (get) married , she gave up modeling.
  7. He already (know) him for two years.
  8. People did not believe him because he (lose) credibility.
  9. He could not become a government servant because he (take) part in political activities in his collage days.
  10. Many students (arrive) by the time the match began.

Simple future:-

  1. I (met) my friend tomorrow.
  2. You (join) next year.
  3. I am sure he (come) in time for the class.
  4. You (speak) English after another two months of hand work.
  5. Our college (break) up for Diwali next week.
  6. He (arrive) next month.
  7. He (help) me.
  8. My tailor (stich) my dress tomorrow.
  9. He (take)dinner with us tonight.
  10. He (borrow) money from the bank for his daughter’s marriage.

Future continuous:-

  1. He (work) for Mr. Kapoor next week as his own assistant is aspected to be away.
  2. In as few years time we all (live)in multi-storeyed houses.
  3. We (behave) ourselves in school today as our principal’s mood is very upset now a days.
  4. My brother (not drink) at the party tonight as my mother is likely to be present there.
  5. He surely (smoke ) if you visit his room now.
  6. You should finish your tea immediately because your father (think) where you are.
  7. Richa (cook) food when her friend arrives.

Future Perfect :-

  1. We’ll still be in this school next year but Veena (leave) by then.
  2. At the rate he is studying, he (qualify) by next year.
  3. The ship (leave) before we reach the harbour.
  4. If he continues with his exercises he (lose) 10kg. by the end of this month.
  5. The teacher (finish) all the syllabus by the end of the year.
  6. If we don’t hurry, the train (leave) before we reach the station.
  7. By the time the chief guest arrives they (finish) the cultural programme.
  8. By next year he (finish) writing his autobiography.
  9. When you reach there, he (take) bath yet.

Time Expression – Present, Past & Future Perfect Continuous.

  1. She (know) me since 1980.
  2. For the last 10 years he (work) in this factory.
  3. Throughout the jouney he (eat) something or the other and is now feeling sick.
  4. For the last three years he (study) in the same class.
  5. How long they (stay) in this house ?
  6. Neena (not eat) nutritious food since morning.
  7. The whole day long he (sit) at home and (read) book yesterday.
  8. It (rain) for two days now.
  9. His radio (play) since 8 a.m. The neighbours are getting disturbed.
  10. How long you (wait) for the train. ? I have been waiting for about an hour.

Tense Exercise Practice

Tense Exercise Practice


Exercise on tenses-level-1