Latest Meaning 2019

Hello Friends Today we are going to tell you about some important and Latest Meaning 2019 these word help you in your personalty development  so friends read and share it and see the next part  also Latest Meaning  –  2019 1. Femme fatale – सुन्दर पर खतरनाक स्त्री Sentences – Mata Hari suited to the  … Read more

Mostly daily uses words

Speaking latest words

Hello friends , Let we discuss Mostly daily uses words of personalty development   so we learn some more word power Mostly daily uses words   Daily Use words  – 6 Please give me your address. —कृपया  अपना पता दीजिये Can you meet me on next Sunday-  क्या आप मुझसे अगले रविवार  को मिल सकते हो । You … Read more