important errors in adjective 

important errors in adjective 

Hello friends Today we are going to tell you about some important errors in adjective Adjective Exercise Errors in an Adjective important errors in adjective Q. Find out the part which has an error in each of the following sentences. If there is nor error, your answer is (d) During holidays (a)/ I like visiting … Read more



Hello  Friends Today we are going to tell you about ERRORS finding  Pronoun Exercise SSC in Error finding so friends read and share it more. .ERRORS finding …. Pronoun Pronoun Exercise in Error finding ERRORS IN PRONOUN SSC Q. Read each sentence  to find out whether there is any error  in it .The error , … Read more

Errors finding in Articles

Articles error finding

Hello friends  Today  we are going to tell you about of  Errors finding in Articles friends read and share it … Errors finding in Articles Errors finding in Articles Problems on Articles  1. In Science the  credit goes to a man(A) / who convinces the world (B)/ nor  to the man to whom(C)/ the idea … Read more