Spotting Error & Error Finding 

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Spotting Error & Error Finding 

 Spotting Error &  Error Finding 

Q. Find out the part which has no error in each of the following sentences . If there ia no error , your answer is (d).

  1. The vehicle is stopped (a)/ by the policemen contained (b) / a number of smuggled watches (c) / No error (d)
  2. Newspapers told us (a) / about the events that happen (b) / all over the world (c) / No error (d)
  3. If you had not come in time (a) / the child  would have  taken (b) / by the  dacoits (c) No error  (d)
  4. When you will found out (a) / any solution to this problem (b) / you will become able to  finalise the project (c) No error  (d)
  5. They talked for a while (a) and then they  will continue to  play (b) / the game till  tomorrow  morning (c) No error  (d)
  6. The old man who is sitting in that room (a) / lived here for more  than  a month (b) / but he has never  created any problem (c) No error  (d)
  7. She says that (a)/ she will take  her umbrella (b) / in case  it will rain . (c) No error  (d)
  8. I knew our college library was run chaotically (a) / but only recently did I discover (b) / how bad  the  situation is (c) No error  (d)
  9. The victim tried to tell us (a) / what has happened  (b) /  but  his words  were  not audible  . (c) No error  (d)
  10. The Judge had not given (a) / any decision until  (b)/ he had  studied the case . (c) No error  (d)
  11. Whenever you are coming here (a) / you bring (b) / a lot of sweets for me . (c) No error  (d)
  12. Had you informed me earlier (a)/ I would have  certainly purchase (b) / the car from you. (c) No error  (d)
  13. He is going everyday (a)/ for a morning walk (b) / with his friends and  neighbor . (c) No error  (d)
  14. The secret of his good health lie in the  fact (a) / that he is  getting up before  sunrise (b) / and  has  a two  mile walk every morning . (c) No error  (d)
  15. I could not recall (a)/ what he has told me (b) / about her  concern with Moti. (c) No error  (d)

Answer –

  1. (a) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (a) (a)   6. (b)   7. (c)     8. (c)   9. (c)  10. (a)  11. (a)     12. (b)   13. (a)  14. (b) 15. (b)

Error Finding

Error Finding & Spotting Error


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Spotting Error & Error Finding