Sports and Colours


 TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU about  Sports and Colours. this post is related to sports and  colours  &  animals  world .

Sports and Colours

Q.1.If you were playing  tennis in wimbledon, what colour of  the outfit would  you be  expected to wear ?

Ans. White

Q.2.  How many  colours are there in the  official logo of the  Olympics ?

Ans. Five

Q.3.Basketballs are usually manufactured in which colour?

Ans.  orange

Q.4. A flag that  brings an  end to  a moor racing is made up of checks of two colours. one is white. white is the other colour?

Ans. White

Q.5. what is the  colour of jerseys of  national  cricket and hockey team of India ?

Q.6. In karate, what colour belt will you be  wearing before you get a black belt ?

Ans. Brown

Q.7. Yellow, green and blue are the  colours of which country’s soccer team?

Ans. Argentina

Q.8.The players of  which country ‘s  cricket team wear green and  white colours ?

Ans. Pakistan

Q.9. Yellow is the colour of which  country’s cricket team ?

Ans. Australia

Q.10. Blue is the colour of the  soccer team of which country ?

Ans. Italy

Animal  World

Q.11. Which is the  fastest bird (in the  air) on earth ?

Ans. Peregrine Falcon

Q.12. Which is the largest  frog?

Ans. Goliath

Q.13.Which  bird has the  fastest wing – beat in the world ?

Ans. Ruby -throated Hummingbird

Q.14.Which is the  largest snake ?

Ans. Anaconda

Q.15. Which animals goes on a  long winter sleep/

Ans. Frog

Q.16. which is the slowest animals ?

Ans. Sloth



Sports and Colours