Some important Questions Lesson 1 to 4 (10 MP EM)

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Today we are giving to  some important Questions & answer . these are very helpful to board examinations. Some important Questions Lesson 1 to 4 (10 MP EM)…………………..

Some important Questions


Q.1.In what sense is the word ‘Mind’ used in the poem?

Q.2.Why is the mind likened to a charioteer in the poem?

Q.3.What is the central idea of ‘GoodWill’?

2.The Happy Prince

Q.1.What was the statue of the Happy Prince adorned with?

Q.2.ToWhom did the Happy Prince give the ruby and Why?

Q.3.Whatwere the Happy Prince’s eyes made of? What did he do with them?

Q.4.What happened to the statue of the Happy Prince at last?

Q.5. Did the Swallow go to Egypt? Give reason.

Q.6.What were the two most precious things in the city that the angel brought to God?

Q.7.How was the Swallow instrumental in lessening the miseries of the people?

Q.8.The story of the Happy Prince is an indirect criticism of the insensitivity, selfishness and shallow thinking of men. Critically analyse this statement Quoting examples from this story.

3.Of Expense

Q.1.What are the two motives for the sacrifice of all other possessions?

Q.2.What is Bacon’s advice on extraordinary expenses?

Q.3.What are the Bacons’ view on servants and Employees?

Q.4. Why is hasty selling disadvantageous?

Q.5.What does Bacon want to convey, when he says’ To turn all to certainties’?

Q.6. Distinguish between ordinary and extraordinary expenses in the light of the views expressed by Bacon.

Q.7.How far , are the  view of Bacon relevant to  present time?

Q.8. Write a short note on ‘Proper Money Management’.  2010

Q.9. Why should the servants be changed frequently?

4.To the Cuckoo

  1. Q.1.How does the  poet address the  cuckoo in the  beginning of the poem and why does he do so?Q.2.Why does the  poet  choose to call the cuckoo a wandering voice?Q.3.What  does the  cuckoo bring to the  poet?Q.4. what did the  cuckoo make the poet do during his school days?

    Q.5. Describe the  various ways in which the poet addresses the cuckoo in the poem.

    Q.6.”Nature is a great teacher” Elaborate the though.

    Q.7. When and where did the  poet seethe Cuckoo?

 Some important Questions Lesson 1 to 4 (10 MP EM)