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Class 12th

Time: 03 hours                                                                                                 (Maximum Mark-100)


  • All questions are
  • Read the question carefully and do
  • Marks alloted to each question are indicated against

Q.1 Read the Passage carefully and answer the questions given below.  (12)

Nationalism, of course is a curious phenomenon which at a certain stage in a country’s history gives life, growth, strength and unity, but at the same time it has tendency to limit one, because one thinks of one’s own country as something different from the rest of the world. The perspective changes and one is continuously thinking of one’s own struggles and virtues and failings to the exclusion of other thoughts, The result is that the same nationalism, which is the symbol of growth for people becomes a symbol of the cessation of that growth in the mind Nationalism, when it becomes successful, sometimes goes on spreading in an aggressive way and becomes a danger internatonally. Whatever line of thought you follow, you arrive at the conclusion that some kind of balance must be found, otherwise something that was good can turn into evil. Culture, which is essentially good, becomes not only static but aggressive and something that breeds conflict and hatred when looked at from a wrong point of view. How you are to find a balance, I do not know. Apart from political and economic problems of the age, perhaps that is the greatest problem today because behind it there is a tremendous conflict in the spirit of man and a tremendous search for something it cannot find. We turn to economic theories because they have an undoubted importance.

It is folly to talk of culture or even of God when human being starve and die Before one can talk about anything else one must provide the normal essentials of life to human beings. That is where they tolerate this suffering and starvation and inequality when they see that the burden is not equally shared. Other profit while they only bear the burden.


Questions :

1.Nationalism is a symbol of:

(a) pride (b) humbleness (c) growth

Ans. (c) growth

2. Culture is essentially good but becomes :

(a) dynamic (b) static (c) worse (iv) rotten.

Ans. (b) static

3. We can find balance when we turn to :

(a) economics (b) history (c) culture (d) geography

Ans. (a) economics

4.The word “starve in the passage means

(a) hunger (b) poverty (c) lack of strength (d) diseases

Ans. (a) hunger

5.According to Nehru nationalism is a……… phenomenon :

(a) natural (b) cultural (c) curious (d) ethical.

Ans. (b) cultural

6. What is the verb form of conclusion’ :

(a) include (b) conclude (c) conclusive (d) concludable.

Ans.  (b) conclude

7. It is folly to talk of culture when :

(a) human beings starve and die (b) the burden is not equally shared

(c) culture becomes aggressive (d) nationalism becomes successful

Ans. (a) human beings starve and die

8. The noun form of tolerate is:

(a) tolerance (b) tolerable (c) tolerably (d) none of the above

Ans.  (a) tolerance

9.When does a society become static ?

Ans.  Culture, which is essentially good, becomes not only static but aggressive and something that breeds conflict and hatred when looked at from a wrong point of view.

10. According to Nehru when is it folly to talk about culture or God?

Ans. It is folly to talk of culture or even of God when human being starve and die.


Q. 2 Read the following passage and answer the questions carefully given below:

“Where there’s a will there’s a way‟ is an old saying. He who resolves upon dong a thing, by that very resolution overcomes the obstacles to it. It is so in all the occupations of life-at school, at college or in the world. To determine to succeed is the surest way to success. Difficulties disappear before an unswerving resolution. This was well exemplified in the life of Napoleon. He threw his whole force of body and mind upon his work. He was told that the Alps stood in the way of his armies. “There shall be no Alps”, he said, and a road was made across them, over heights previously considered inaccessible. “Impossible”, said he, is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools . And so it is; a determination not to give it is the surest condition of success in any undertaking. But the young student must carefully guard himself against the errors of mistaking a mere undisciplined energy and self-will for the needful firmness and self- command on which success depends.

Questions :

  1. Make notes in points, from the above passage, using abbreviations, where necessary. 5

Ans.  Title  – Where there’s a will there’s a way‟

Notes –


2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 50-60 words. Suggest a suitable title also for it. 3

Summary- above passage


3. You are B. Reddy of Bhopal, you want to let out a house. Write out an advertisement to be published in the classified column of a news paper.



Offices /shops/godown/building/plots of different sizes readily available in different prestigious locations with all modern facilities in Bhopal .

Rent negotiable .

R-1 construction

B. Reddy

Mob.No. 07354030776                                                                                                                                                                                                5


Prepare in poster on “Say no to Drugs.”

Ans.  student self done it SOLVED -GENEREAL ENGLISH-12

Q.4. Using the following inputs produce a write up on the importance of Games and sports.6

  1. Necessary for
  2. Remove
  3. Make our body
  4. Learning good
  5. Develop quality and


You are Kamal as a responsible citizen you have organised a campaign on ‘Say no to polythene bags in your locality. Write a news paper report using the following input.

  1. campaign in our locality
  2. disastrous effects of polythene
  3. Chokes the sewage
  4. to make public aware of its
  5. To make locality polythene

Ans.                                                 ‘Say no to polythene bags

Polythene bags have become a part of everyday life. the   market  of polythene bags is increasing day by day .but the over use of  polythene bags  made them  a big   nuisance .with the characteristic of  being under gradable. it   cannot be  destroyed by any means. therefore   after being used up  they  are  thrown out carelessly  here and there .  this ultimately chockes  sewage system . but  people try to destroy by burning but  by  burning it  produces highly toxic  gases like  So2 and methane .the burning of polythene bags reduces the  soil fertility. thus to get rid of the  ill effects of polythene .we should  use paper bags and strictly avoid polythene.

 Q.5.Write a letter to your collector of your district about the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the government hospital of your area.                             6

Ans. Ans.    394,shiv colony

Gwalior (M.P.)

20th November, 20



The Dist. Collector

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject : – Malfunctioning of the govt. hospital , Gwalior


I would like to draw your attention to the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the  govt. hospital and request you to take necessary action so that people may get proper medical lacks both doctors and nurses.theroom are not clean properly.necessary medicines are not available. The patients and attendants have to run here and there for tea, food etc. I shall be greatly obliged if you could look into the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincere

Raja Sharma


Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to issue a character certificate.


394, Pathak Colony

Guda Gwalior

March 5, 2021


The Principal

Govt. H.S.School Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject :- Application for Character certificate ( C.C.)

Respected sir,

I beg to state that I am a student of class 12th A of your school. My father has been transferred to Bhopal so I cannot continue my studies here.

Kindly issue me the Character certificate.

Thanking you

Yours obediently


Q.6  Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your elder brother’s marriage.                6


394, Pathak Colony

Guda Gwalior



The Principal

Govt. H.S.School Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject : – 10 Days Leave due to brother/ sister  marriage.

Most Respectable sir,

I beg to state that my brother/sister marriage is going to be held on 22th feb.2021  I have to make several arrangements for  the  marriage. Hence I am unable to attend the  school for 10 days from  13 feb to 22 feb.

Kindly grant me leave for 10 days .


Yours obediently

R.k. Sharma


Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit you to attend the tour of Mandu.

 7. Write an article on ‘Man, Computer and mobile for your school magazine using following inputs.

i. So many technical

ii. Computer : a great

iii. Stores large

iv. a reliable device

v. mobile: a basic necessity,

vi. wonderful various purpose

vii. Internet a home of

Ans.                                                                                            ‘ Man ,Computer  and Mobile ‘

Leaving some  exceptions computer is just like mind of man. In some respects. it is better than the mind . Computer  is a great invention of man.  Computers are now widely used in Banks, Factories, Scientific  stations, Shops , Business firms as well as by  individuals. Computer  has helped man  to reach other planets. The Launching of satellites has become possible only  because of Computers . Computer can make vast and  complicated calculation in schools. It has made man’s  life quicker,easier and  comfortable .

Mobile phone has  revolutionized mankind . it is very useful. It has made vast distances short. A   man from any part of the  world can  contact and  talk through a mobile phone. It has facilitated man’s  life a lot . It has beared the most ordinary man like labourer   and villagers. It has  saved  time , money and  lot of troubles. Now no child or man can  get lost in crowds. if he has  a mobile  phone . It has  made  business flourish . A  businessman can manage the affairs of business from any where . Mobile has  other facilities too . It has  e-mail, photography , twitter , you-tube etc.  It stores  valuable information. It  has helped police in catching culprits . In  function of big  machines , factories , construction of buildings and  bridges it is very useful.  It has become a boon  for  ladies. You can  see any girls  or woman chit-chatting  for long  on her mobile. It is very cheap  also . Now in a little sum you can talk to your friends and relatives.

So both Mobile and Computers ar boon for the  society . Now we can’t think of a  time when these two  things  are  unavailable .


Write an essay on any one of the

  1. Science: A Blessing or cause
  2. COVID-19
  3. values of Games and sports
  4. Green India : clean India

8. Fill in the blanks with the help in of the correct alternatives given in the bracket : (any 5) 5

  1. I have seen ———- (many/much)
  2. My brother is ———- engineer (a/an)
  3. You ——— stop (must/should)
  4. Ram prefers milk ——— (to/than)
  5. I have —— (much/many)
  6. We are going ——— a match (playing/to play/ played)
  7. The building has ——– (falling / fallen/ fail).

Ans.  (a)  many     (b)  an    (c) must    (d) to    (e) many   (f) to play   (g) fallen

Q.9. Do as directed. (any 5)  5

  1. His brother sold all the gold (Make question with how much)
  2. I know the boy. (change the voice)
  3. He is my brother. He is wearing a red shirt.(combine the sentences using relative clause)
  4. He does his (change into negative)
  5. The student is very fast. He can win the race. (combine sentence using ‘So—– that’.
  6. He gets Salary. He starts spending it.(combine using ‘No sooner….. than’).

Ans. (a) How much  gold  his brother sold ?

(b)  The boy is known to me.

(c)  He is my brother who is wearing a red shirt.

(d)  He does not do his duty .

(e)  The student is so fast that  He can win the race.





Q.10 (A) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below:

Can I admire the statue great

When living men starve at its feet Can

I admire the Park’s green tree

A roof from homeless messy ?

Questions :

  1. Name of the poet of this poem :                                                                                                             1
  1. Sri  Aurobindo
  2. W. H. Davies
  3. William Rands

Ans.  (b) W. H. Davies


2. The meaning af word “starve”.

  1. die of hunger,
  2. labour hard
  3. work comfortably

Ans.  (a)  die of hunger,


3.Why does the poet say that he can not admire the statue great ?


(B) The wonderful air is over me

And the wonderful wind is shaking tree

It walks on the water and whirls the mills

And talks to itself on the tops of the hells.

Questions :

1. The opposite of word bottom is                                                                               1

(a) wonderful b) top      c). where.

Ans.  (b) top

2. The word that rhymes with tree is                                                                        1

(a) will b) mill c) me

Ans. c) me.

3. Name the poem and the poet?                                                                             1

Ans. Name the poem – Wonderful world

Name the  Poet  – William  Brighty Rands

11.  Answer any two of the following questions?  2X2=4

1.What are the two meanings of the word cricket ?

Ans. The first meaning is ‘ a small insect ‘ and the other is the name of a game.

2. Whom does the poet wish to trust

Ans. . The poet  wants us to trust our inner voice that warm us against a sinful deed . conscience of the  inner voice also distinguishes between right and wrong.

3. What is the attire of the earth ?

Ans.  The attire of the earth is the water of the seas and the greenery on the land.

4. What is the difference between selfish and helpless man?


12.  Answer any seven of the following question : 2X7=14

1. What disability did Mini have?

Ans.   Mini was a spastic. who had no control over her hands & legs from birth.she could not walk.

2. Who was Swami Arvasu.

Ans.  Swami Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganga’s with his small group of followers.

3. Who were the first visitors to the farmers

Ans.   Birds and  butterflies  were  the first visitors to the  farm.

4. What is the best way to disarm hostility?

Ans.  The best way to disarm hostility is not to think ill of other s until they try to harm you and even .them try to overlook their faults as far as possible.

5. What was Ghasi‟s complaint to the panchayat ?

Ans.  Ghasi’s  complaint was that kanchhedi had  stolen his  ass.

6. What instructions did the girl‟s parents give when they saw her of

Ans. The girl’s parents gave her the instructions as to  where to keep her  things, when not to lean out of the  windows and how to avoid speaking to strangers.

7. Who should never despise anyone for ?

Ans.  We should never despise anyone for his poverty.

8. What does the author mean ‘a safe ‘


9. What happens if we prejudge peoples and future events ?

Ans. . If we prejudge people and future events we create uncalled enemies and hardships.

13. Answer any one of the following question.                                4

1. What is the difference between playmates and school

Ans. The main difference between playmates and schoolmates is that schoolmates are the students of the same school while playmates may or may not be.

2. Describe the duck‟s farewell?

Ans.  Mini father took all the children and the duck to nearby lake. The children lifted theirthe duck carefully from Mini lap and gently released him into the lake .he began swimming and shoveling the water with his beak.thechildren watched him for a long time

14. Answer any four of the following questions.                         4

1. What makes a team whole ?

Ans. Working together makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’.

2. What does the poet say all about past and future ?

Ans.  The poet asks us to forget the Past and not to trust the future.

3. What accounts for beauty in

Ans.  Good deeds happy thought account  for beauty in ourselves.

4. What do people do for their harvest ?

Ans.  They dance for their harvest

5. Which is the world‟s highest water fall and where it is situated ?

Ans. The world’s highest waterfall is Angel falls. It is situated in eastern Venezuela in South    America.

6. Who will certainly reach to Lord Krishna.

Ans.  The Persons who will give this precious treasure to His devotees and those who will absorb this teaching with faith will certainly reach Lord Krishna.

15 Answer any one of the following:

1. Write the central idea of the poem ‘The Risk’

Ans.  . ‘No risks no gain goes the saying’. ‘Man does not live by bread alone’, says the bible. Needs of man are of various types. Their fulfillment requires hard work and there are many hazards, obstacles and risks. Nature puts challenges and obstacles before him. And in this way his ability is developed. There is risks in every field of life. To achieve something one will have to take risks. a man who  fears taking risks gets nothing.  The  greatest  risks in life is not to take any risks.


Describe the ‘Importance of Gita.’

Ans.  The Gita has sung the praises of knowledge, but it is beyond the mere intellect or knowledge. It is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by the heart. It means one should have belief without doubts. Believe in your heart and have faith. Therefore the Gita is not for those who have no faith.