Single words for groups of words


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Single words for groups of words

It is sometimes desirable to express the idea of a phrase or a group of words by a single word :

1. A hundred years = century

2. A child whose parents are dead = orphan

3. Life of a person written by himself = autobiography

4. Life history of a person written by another = biography

5. Science of life and living things = biology

6. Aircraft with two pairs of wings, one above the other = biplane

7. List of the days, weeks, months, of a particular year = calendar

8. That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence or real nature of something = camouflage

9. Group of military operations with a set purpose, usually in one area = campaign

10. Grounds of a school, or university, where the main buildings are = campus

11. Soldiers who fight on horseback = cavalry

12. Incapable of making mistakes or doing wrong = infallible

13. Person with no belief in religion (especially in what is considered to be the true religion) = infidel

14. That can be spread by touch = contagious

15. That can be spread by means of germs carried in the atmosphere or in water = infectious

16. Yearly return of the date of an event = anniversary

17. That may be easily set on fire = inflammable

18. Allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen = transparent

19. That cannot be seen through = opaque

20. Helping neither side in war or quarrel = neutral

21. Fit to be eaten = edible

22. Official in charge of a museum = curator

23. One who does not believe in the existence of God = atheist

24. A person trained for competing in physical exercises and outdoor games = athlete

25. A traveller through outer space = astronaut

26. One who studies the science of the sun, moon, stars, and planets = astronomer

27. One who collects postage-stamps = philatelist

28. A person who helps others, especially those who are poor or in trouble = philanthropist

29. A place where birds are kept = aviary

30. A place where bees are kept = apiary

31. An artificial pond or tank for keeping and showing living fish = aquarium

32. One who goes on a journey to a holy place = pilgrim

single words for groups of words
33. A man who remains unmarried = bachelor

34. A woman who remains unmarried = spinster

35. A woman whose husband is dead = widow

36. A man whose wife is dead = widower

37. One who abstains from alcoholic drinks = teetotaller

38. A person who visits other countries for pleasure = tourist

39. That which can be easily understood = intelligible

40. A person who always looks at the bright side of things = optimist

41. A person who always looks at the dark side of things = pessimist

42. A person who writes the life of another person = biographer

43. A plant or animal that draws sustenance from another = parasite

44. A person who does no work and lives on others = drone

45. The dead body of a human being = corpse

46. The dead body of an animal = carcass

47. A child born after the death of its father = posthumous

48. The act of killing oneself = suicide

single words for groups of words

single words for groups of words