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1. 1. Even though
P. the movie ‘Avatar’
Q. at the Box Office
R. is doing wonders
S. some depict the movie as
6. being racist.
(a) SRPQ (b) PRQS
(c) QSPR (d) RSPQ.

2. 1. The dollar has been
P. and markets
Q. weak for months
R. have been fretting
S. over a host of
6. potential economic worries
(a) PQRS (b) SRPQ
(c) QRPS (d) QPRS

3. 1. Miffed over the issue
P. of not being given
Q. Chetan Bhagat continues
R. to spew anger
S. due credit for the film ‘3 Idiots’
6. through his blog.
(a) RSPQ (b) PSQR
(c) SPQR (d) SRPQ

4. 1. The developer of
P. leading real estate
Q. one of the
R. is Emma properties
S. the Burj Dubai project
6. developers in Dubai.
(a) PQSR (b) QSRP
(c) SRQP (d) PSRQ

5. 1. The agencies shall submit the bid document
P. their technical bid
Q. alongwith definite
R. documentary proof of
S. eligibility criteria in
6. as clearly mentioned
(a) QRSP (b) QPRS
(c) SRPQ (d) PQSR

6. 1. The Indian hockey players
P. have refused
Q. the training camp
R. to attend
S. and have gone
6. on an indefinite strike
(a) QPSR (b) SRPQ
(c) PQRS (d) PRQS

7. 1. Though things are
P. slowly fading away
Q. looking a little brighter
R. and recession is
S. the job market still remains
6. a little volatile
(a) SRPQ (b) QRPS
(c) SPQR (d) PQSR

8. 1. Inherited $3000, but it was not sufficient to start to a zoo
P. I discovered that most dealers would cram twenty creatures into a cage.
Q. So I decided to become an animal collector for zoos
R. If they survived, they increased the price of the survivors.
S. But it proved to be a short lived career.
6. My cages were spacious and the animals well looked after : So I lost all my money.
(a) SQPR (b) QPSR
(c) QSPR (d) PQSR

9. 1. It was not the short of prize one could carry home at short notice.
P. However they could make an exception in my case.
Q. He pointed at a notice that winners had to remove their prizes immediately.
R. They agreed to keep the engine at the grounds for a few days.
S. So I asked the showman if he could help me to transport it.

6. Then I would have to make my own arrangements to take it out.
(a) RSQP (b) SQPR
(c) PRSQ (d) QSRP

10. 1. One day at school, Newton was kicked by a bigger boy from a higher class
P. He also decided to beat him at lessons, and this made him study harder.
Q. So he turned on the bigger boy and gave him a good beating.
R. The kicking made Newton very angry.
S. After that he improved in his studies.
6. Perhaps the big boy who kicked Newton did a service to the world.
(a) QRSP (b) SPRQ
(c) RSQP (d) RQPS

11. 1. Newton’s head was so full of ideas that he was often quite lost in his thoughts.
P. For a long time his guests waited for him to return.
Q. Soon the wine, the dinner and the guests were all forgotten.
R. Once, when he was entertaining some guests, he went out of the room to fetch some wine.
S. On his way to the wine cellar he passed his work table.
6. They searched and found him hard at work in his study.
(a) SQRP (b) RSQP
(c) QPSR (d) PSRQ

12. 1. Socrates
P. never to make
Q. a great Greek Philosopher
R. and had resolved
S. tried hard to control himself
6. a show of the temper.
(a) SRPQ (b) QSRP
(c) QSPR (d) PQRS

13. 1. Life was
P. had a way of leaving
Q. interests that Ross
R. the work for the examinations
S. so full of other
6. to the last minute
(a) PRQS (b) SQPR
(c) RQSP (d) SRQP

14. 1. Most editors
P. set aside pages or columns
Q. of magazines and newspapers
R. on events of the day
S. for letters of comment
6. or on articles in the publication
(a) PQRS (b) QPSR
(c) QPRS (d) RPQS

15. 1. My aunt and /mother
P. to buy sweet-sour candies
Q. just to get
R. give us money
S. rid of us
6. in the afternoon
(a) PQRS (b) RPQS
(c) QRPS (d) SRPQ

16. 1. For a long time
P. the house watching
Q. and wishing that
R. I sit outside
S. the birds flying
6. I had been born a bird
(a) QRSP (b) SQRP
(c) RPQS (d) RPSQ

17. 1. My account of
P. comes from
Q. Bhatt’s early years
R. and initiation into Sarvodaya
S. an extended interview
6. he recently granted to me
(a) QPRS (b) QRPS
(c) RSQP (d) SQRP



1. B 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. B  8. C 9. B 10. D 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. B  15. B 16. D 17. B